Security doors – functionality, aesthetics and safety

by Kremy


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Security doors have to meet many requirements. They differ significantly from ordinary interior doors in their main characteristics. The differences are mostly in terms of functionality. A security door has to ensure the safety of the house, protect it from burglary and in addition protect the house from cold, noise and odors coming from outside. Among other things, the door should have an aesthetic appearance. A reliable protection is of course on the first place, but the visual appearance is not to be neglected. We shall look at the main features and see how they work.


Security doors with different level of protection


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Security doors are available in many designs, having a classification according to the degree of protection. The lowest class are relatively cheap, made of metal that can be cut with a can opener. They are metal doors with do not provide a good enough protection and changing a solid wood door with a cheap metal door does not make much sense.

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The next level features models made of metal and coated with paint. These are suitable for garages, sheds and other buildings but not recommended for houses and apartments. It is possible to break or cut them with the help of special tools so it is recommended that you opt for a high security door which will give you a reliable protection.

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So we come to the third level which are armored doors, made of sturdy metal, and resistant even to bullets. The visual appeal of armored security doors is very good and manufacturers offer different designs so you can choose the look that suits your home and personal taste.

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Security doors designed for banks, vaults and other special purpose are designed with many levels of protection but as we are focusing on residential models we shall look at the way they work.


Specific characteristics for safety


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The front door is one of the most important safety features of your home. It will determine the level and comfort of your home. Of course, in addition to its main function – security – the front door should have a good sound and heat insulation qualities and a pleasing appearance. Security doors are manufactured according to established standards for strength and safety. How to choose the right security door? What is the difference between steel, iron and metal?

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Iron doors were very popular but many people realize that the reliability of these doors is deceptive, because iron is a soft metal and easily loses its form. In addition, they are often not very aesthetically pleasing and people associate them with a prison door.

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Metal doors are made of stronger material and are much safer and more reliable. They are manufactured with high quality materials and a good design which makes them a good choice for residential doors.

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Steel doors are recognized as leaders in terms of reliability. They offer a long service life and high durability. That is why their price tag is always much higher.


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