Pool enclosures – modern design options and types of construction

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Pool enclosures are ideal for winter the perfect choice for people who want to create a unique outdoor place. Modern enclosures feature all kinds of shapes, textures and different constructions which makes it possible to choose the best enclosure for your garden pool. Many people enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool but few are lucky enough to have both an indoor and outdoor pools so the solution is an enclosure to shelter the pool from the cold in winter and from bugs, insects and falling leaves in summer. A pool enclosure not only adds value to the property but provides an opportunity to enjoy your pool at any time of the year.

What are the different types of pool enclosures?

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Choosing the right pool enclosure will depend on many factors – the size of the pool, the outdoor area that you want to include into the enclosure, the climate conditions and of course, the personal preferences of the customer. It is important to understand that pool enclosures come in a wide variety of types, construction, materials and height. A swimming pool enclosure may be attached to the house, or built as stand-alone. Pool enclosures vary in height as well and are generally grouped in low height, medium height and high pool enclosures. Low height and medium height pool enclosures are not suitable for people who feel claustrophobic although they will retain the temperature of the water and if you do not mind the limit above your head, these enclosures are a good option.

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The advantage of high pool enclosures is that they provide greater flexibility in terms of the area included in the enclosure. Those are usually bigger and have more space which allows the owners to accommodate more entertaining facilities, a seating area, even a water slide or a springboard.

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Some pool enclosures are with a simple construction and in fact are pool screen enclosures. They are especially suitable for hot climate areas where homeowners need a protection against bugs and debris. Pool screen enclosures usually are constructed of aluminum frames with mesh screens. However, mesh screens are not suitable for areas with snowfall or strong winds.

Glass pool enclosures – durable and lasting protection for the pool

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Glass pool enclosures are more expensive but much more stable and durable structures. They actually extend the indoor space outdoors and the construction can include stones, bricks or other materials. The aluminum frames of glass enclosures are thicker as they support bigger weight. The roofs may be also from glass, but other lighter, shatterproof materials can be used, such as polycarbonate. Some designs feature rollers so that the enclosure can be opened, others have retractable roofs which can be pulled back in warm weather. Glass pool enclosures are ideal for any type of climate or weather and if you consider the investment you can be sure that it will be worth the value.

The benefits of telescopic pool enclosures

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Telescopic pool enclosures are extremely practical. In fact those are retractable enclosures with glazed panels. Usually they have an arched shape and the separate sections slide into each other when open. Telescopic pool enclosures offer a great flexibility, as they can be partially or completely open/closed and will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool despite of weather conditions. Easily operated, they do not block the view of the surroundings and owners can enjoy their garden while having a good time by the pool.

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The basic idea of having a swimming pool enclosure is the possibility of transforming the living space. The advantages are quite many and the added financial value to the house is just one of them. The energy consumption for pool heating will be significantly reduced as well as water loss due to evaporation. Pool enclosures extend the time for using your pool to 12 months a year as they offer a protection from the effects of weather conditions. Especially in winter season, a pool enclosure reduces the possibilities for damages on your swimming pool. You can invest in high quality materials which will provide a protection from ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn, which are inevitable in the open air. In terms of safety, a pool enclosure will protect your water from dust, leaves or other pollution from the atmosphere. You could use your pool enclosure as a sunroom, a place for outdoor dining and entertainment, even as a greenhouse.

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