Steel doors – The advantages of modern front doors for your home

by Kremy

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Steel doors are present on the market for quite some time but until recently they are used in office buildings or buildings with high levels of security. Many people choose them as a residential door and for a number of good reasons. You can see steel front doors on many apartment buildings and family houses. Modern entry doors offer a great visual appeal and good reliability. We shall see what are the pros and cons of steel front doors so that you can choose the best front door for your home.

Steel doors in residential buildings and family houses

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Steel doors in apartment buildings are a good solution as an entry door. They are a reliable and durable solution especially suitable not only for banks and office but for apartment buildings as well. When you choose an entry door a long-term solution is a logical and cost effective one. In addition a steel entry door is very practical for buildings with high traffic. Many manufacturers offer different designs and custom made models are also an option as this provides an opportunity to meet the individual requirements of each entrance and create a design which will be in harmony and will complement the architecture of the building. Custom made designs can be crafted following the desired dimensions and elements in its design, with an exact number of mailboxes, for example and closing mechanism. Last, but not least, the access control, which is of great significance to all people living in apartment buildings can be designed with a particular type of lock so that the residents feel safe and secure in their apartments at all time.

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The entry door of a house differs from the apartment front door. Except that it has to meet the requirements for durability, stability and security, the door has to withstand changing weather conditions and temperatures, as well as moisture. In addition to water resistance, wind resistance, load resistance, noise and heat insulation are also factors to consider when choosing the front door of your home.

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Without a doubt the front door of the house is one of the most important elements which create the first impression of the home and the choice of the appearance, the design and the visual appeal of the door has to be done with care and attention and considering the style of the house and the interior. In addition, the front door of a family house has to be coordinated with other doors, of the garage or the front yard, for example so that the overall exterior of the home is elegant and follows the style of the building.

What are the advantages of steel doors?

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You know the saying – My home is my castle, and of course, the size of the home is completely irrelevant. It is the feeling of security and protection that the saying describes, the feeling that the home is your sacred place and you are entitled to defend it and protect anyone and anything in it. You know that the entry to any castle id the most fortified place and that is one of the main reasons for the choice of steel doors for the entrance.

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When looking for a front door, steel doors may not be your first choice. However they are one of the best options for the entry as they are practically versatile. Let’s look at the advantages that steel front doors provide:

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Security – steel entry doors take a leading position in terms of security. A properly installed steel front door is a reliable protection against burglars or thieves. Additional deadbolts, an electronic locking system or electronic keypads can be added to the steel door for extra security so that it is inaccessible to outsiders.

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Durability – steel doors are one of the most durable ones on the market with a long life span and weather resistance.

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Energy efficiency is another advantage of steel doors. When filled with a layer of foam, they will keep the heat or cold inside the home which will reduce the energy costs.

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Steel doors are less expensive than those made of fiberglass and wood. They do not require expensive and time-consuming maintenance. In addition they do not warp and sag, rot or splinter which is a guarantee that they will retain the good look for many years.

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Appearance – steel doors contribute to a more aesthetic appearance of the entrance, which in turn increases the value of the property. Nowadays they can be as ornate and stylish as any other type. The outer layer of the door can be treated and processed to resemble natural wood or painted in any color you wish or ass glass panels so that it would complement the exterior design of your home. They work with many design styles – cottage, craftsman, classic, colonial, contemporary, country, you name it!

What are the disadvantages of steel doors?

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Having discussed some of the major advantages, we have to point out the possible cons. A major con is the fact that steel doors are not resistant to dents and scratches – dents, if happen, are really hard to fix and if not painted in due time the scratches may rust.

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Another con is that steel doors, despite the variety of finishes do not have the unique character and appeal of wood designs. Yes, they can imitate it quite successfully in terms of appearance, but you cannot feel the wood grain and the authentic warmth of real wood.

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To summarize it all – choosing steel doors for residential buildings offers many advantages and benefits to the occupants and homeowners. The variety of customization opportunities allows you to use these doors for different design styles. A steel front door adds value to the property, reduces energy costs, you get a door that will serve you for many years without spending on maintenance and repair, and the most important – turn your home into your castle!

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