Garden nursery – tips and ideas how to start your own plant nursery

by Kremy

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What is a garden nursery? How can you design one in your backyard? What do you need to know about the layout, the design and the plants? We shall try to give you some useful tips and ideas as plant nurseries, as a small home business, are gaining popularity and if gardening is your hobby, it could be a good start into a future career.

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Garden nurseries are designed so that young plants can be propagated and cared for. In professional garden centers you may see one or more greenhouses which protect the plants from extreme temperatures, heat or frost. Some nursery gardens have outdoor areas as well. The garden nursery requires a watering system as well so that the plants grow and develop in the best conditions.

Garden nursery – a successful idea for every hobby gardener

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Landscaping and greening the home, office, courtyard is now an integral part of the design of any new building. Even the smallest backyard can accommodate a garden nursery and become a green paradise and besides the beauty and freshness it can be an opportunity for business which is developing rapidly in recent years. Large garden centers and nurseries offer plants for each season, even for winter. Professional garden nurseries propagate different plant species or specialize in a particular plant – for example – roses, Japanese maples, evergreen trees, etc. Besides flowers, you can find herbs and spices for your impromptu garden, which you can use in your kitchen. Except the opportunity to get a flower for your home, you can buy a plant as a gift. Now, with all said, it is not a surprise that plant nurseries and garden centers are so popular. In addition a stroll among the flowers in a beautiful spring day is a relaxing experience which can brighten up the day of the grumpiest person!

Garden nursery in the backyard – what do you need to know?

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It is a fact that a small garden nursery in the backyard can turn your hobby into a profitable business and it is only you who will determine the limits. Have you noticed that people prefer to buy their plants from retail shops or garden centers? You can start with just one or two types of plants or herbs and then grow with time. What do you need to know if you wished to start a plant nursery in your backyard? Here are some key elements which are essential for the success of your initiative and some tips for the plants species.

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The process of starting a backyard nursery includes the usual steps – planning, designing, production and marketing.

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Planning is an essential and key element in everything – from designing the layout of your living room to estimating the volume of sales and expenses. Find out what kind of plants are suitable for the climate conditions in your area. Look around the gardens, both indoors and outdoors, of your friends and neighbours. Check out the price tags of these plants in the shops and garden centers, at the farmer’s market and see what plants are being sold. Check out the laws and regulations and do not skip this as this may affect your investment at a later stage.

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One of the biggest questions which gardeners face when starting a plant nursery is – who is going to buy my plants? The most obvious and often neglected answer is – your friends and neighbours will be your first customers. If you have lots of plants to sell you may contact a retail shop or a flower shop.

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Building a greenhouse is a good idea as it will give you the opportunity to protect your plants from weather conditions. The variety of design options is numerous and you can choose from a tiered greenhouse shelves to a glass or PVC structure. You can even turn your garden shed into a plant nursery.

What plants to choose for your garden nursery?

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The choice of plants for the garden nursery will depend entirely on the gardener. Growing “mother” plants is a clever idea which requires no investment at all. You can propagate them by cutting or root division.

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Ground cover plants are always in demand as they are ideal for landscaping. The fact that they do not require mowing and the watering and maintenance are minimal makes them extremely popular. These plants are very easy to propagate and do not require much care.

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Ornamental grasses are another popular group suitable for a garden nursery. These are a popular choice for landscaping and are often used as pond decoration, in rock gardens and as patio decor. Growing trees and shrubs is another idea which you can develop in your backyard garden nursery.

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Of course, the options are numerous. Pansies, for example, in a variety of colors will add to the fantastic appearance of your plant nursery and they tolerate heat, drier soil and they bloom until the first frost.

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Strawflowers also come in an array of colors and are a perfect addition to any front yard or backyard. They are ideal for drought-resistant landscaping and will bloom all summer long.

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Herbs and spices are the perfect choice for beginners and you can start with basil, thyme, mint, cilantro, parsley, oregano, sage, lovage, chives – any of these can be planted both in pots or in soil.

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Another good idea for beginners – grow cacti, air plants or succulents. These are plants that require practically no efforts to grow and propagate and can be grown in a small plant nursery.

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Whatever your choice is, the most important thing to remember is, that your plant nursery should bring you pleasure. Whether you opt for blooming flowers, herbs and spices, trees and shrubs, ornamental grasses or cacti, your hobby may become a successful business opportunity!

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