Roller doors for the garage – an efficient and cost effective solution

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We shall take a look at roller doors as they are a modern, efficient and cost effective choice for many homeowners who would like to have a reliable garage door and at the same time add to the exterior design of their home. Garage doors should meet several requirements. Having a massive and heavy door or just a good looking door is not good enough – the garage door should be secure, reliable, of high quality and easily operated. Roller garage doors resemble the sectional ones but have their own specifics. The very name suggests that this door type is composed of individual panels and when opened they are wound on a roll.


Roller doors – garage doors for every home


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Roller doors can be used for closing large areas and for spaces where a sectional door can not be used. Most often roller shutter doors are used for garage doors and commercial spaces. Roller garage doors are an excellent solution for the closing of any garage. They provide a better protection of the premises, they are reliable and have a long service life. By definition, garage doors are the doors used in residential buildings and they can be installed on both individual and common garage space. The variety of garage door designs features some major types – swinging doors, installed on hinges, sectional doors and roller doors which also include roller shutter doors. Until recently, swinging garage doors were the most popular type and were widely used but they were opened manually and did not have insulation. Roller shutter garage doors offer many advantages and we shall look at them below, but one of the biggest pros of the roller doors is the ease of installation.


What are the advantages of roller doors?


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Roller garage doors offer a number of advantages at an attractive price which makes them a preferred and a budget friendly option for a garage door. Roller doors are the perfect solution for a small space. Due to the fact that they do not swing out, the roller shutter doors allow you to use the available space inside and out. On the inside, roller doors do not take up any ceiling space and you can use it as an overhead garage storage place.

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Roll-up garage doors are strong and efficient and the design does not feature handles on the outside which prevents the possibility to be opened by an intruder. In addition, the motor for automatic roller shutter doors can perform the function of a locking mechanism for the door.

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Roller doors are manufactured from weather resistant materials which is a guarantee that your garage door will retain its appearance for many years without much expense for maintenance. The simplicity of the mechanism, the ease of installation and operation means that over the years the chances of breaking are considerably less.

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Roller shutter doors can be operated manually or automatically and equipped with a remote control, as per the individual choice of the homeowner and the available space. In terms of efficiency roller doors can have insulation which will reduce the costs for heating or cooling.

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Last but not least – the visual aesthetics of roller doors – manufactured in a wide range of materials, colors and finishes which provides an opportunity for a customization so that the garage door works with the overall exterior design of the house and add to the curb appeal of the home.


 Roller garage door – what are the cons?


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On the downside there are some disadvantages which you should keep in mind when choosing the best garage door. The installation process can be quite complicated and it is much better to hire professionals than try a DIY project.

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Many models do not provide enough good burglary protection.

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Weight – although lightweight in general, insulated roller doors can be heavier. You have to choose from a number of materials – aluminum, steel, fiberglass – and each material has its own properties.

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Aluminum roller doors are more expensive and it is up to the personal choice of the homeowner which material he will choose, as there are people who do not like the look of the aluminum doors. Steel and fiberglass are susceptible to denting. The price of insulated roller garage doors is higher than the price of non-insulated doors.

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Appearance and customization – despite the fact that roller doors are offered in a variety of colors and finishes, customization options are limited. Roller doors always have horizontal lines and the customer can only choose material, color and finish.


Roller garage doors – what is important to know

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When you shop for a roller garage door, there are certain criteria that you should keep in mind and which are a must.

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Check out the quality of door springs, rollers and hinges as these parts are essential for the operation and durability of the garage door. The rollers should contain ball bearings. Keep in mind that nylon rollers are quieter than metal ones but they have a smaller life span will not last as long as metal ones. Ask for the warranty period, but keep in mind that the door itself may have a different warranty period than the springs and the door hardware, in general, so check with the manufacturer. A longer warranty period suggests a higher quality and possibly a higher price tag.


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As far as insulation of the roller garage door is concerned, you should keep in mind that choosing an insulated roller shutter doors are quieter which may be an important factor if the garage is located near a bedroom. If your garage is adjacent to the main building it will be a good idea to choose an isolated door especially in areas with extreme temperatures during winter and summer months.

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As for the price of installation, it is sometimes included in the total cost, but it may be a separate expense, so you need to check what is included in the price given to you by the manufacturer. Clearing these important details in advance will save you from a lot of problems and unexpected costs.


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