15 garage doors designs which blend in the house exterior

by Kremy

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The garage is one of the areas that often remain overlooked when building a house. Not only the front door, but also the gate plays an important role, particularly if it is oriented towards the street. Garage doors designs can complement the house facade, become a highlight or ruin an excellent house architecture and exterior design. When you choose a garage door you need to follow some really simple rules.

Modern white sliding garage door design white house facade modern architecture


Garage doors designs come in different colors, styles and materials. Wood, glass, aluminum, with window, with a wicket door, etc. The door should blend in with the unique style of your home. Modern houses usually have strong geometric lines and horizontal details. Selecting a gate that will have the same lines is going to underline the modern style.

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Select colors and materials that blend harmoniously with the rest of the house. Panes can be straight, or follow the lines of the house. If the house is designed in minimalist style, try to avoid all unnecessary details as they will ruin the clear lines. It is recommendable to put the accent on color.

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Outdoor lighting, wall or floor lights, can bring out a modern garage door even more. The lights can illuminate the door and create beautiful lighting effects. Recessed lighting can highlight the lines of the house and complement its architecture. Look at the garage door designs in the gallery and choose the one for your house. 

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When building a new parking space or renovating the existing one the question of the door is one of the first ones that comes to mind. This is an important point in terms of security, and from a purely aesthetic point of view. Traditional doors with one or two wings are widely known and many people find them quite heavy. Sectional garage doors consist of individual panels and are offered in many styles, designs and colors. One of the main advantages of modern gates, along with modern design and practicality, is the opportunity for automatic and remote control which makes operation extremely easy and convenient.

15 designs wooden door aliminium details

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Modern house wooden designs outdoor house lighting concrete fence

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modern walnut wood garage door house exterior design ideas

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