20 front door ideas – contemporary house entrance design

by Kremy

wooden double door modern main house entry front door ideas

The entrance is a special area of the home – it connects and simultaneously separates the house. The modern front door has to fulfill several functions. We have 20 front door ideas to overview the different materials and styles.

Modern front door ideas form glass and metal

modern black front door glass white floor design contemporary house entry


Currently, many front door ideas combine different materials. If you have a large garden with a high fence, you can opt for a modern front door made of glass and metal. The combination is very trendy and very stylish, and is highly popular for homes in minimalist style.

Metal glass front door house exterior garden pond outdoor lighting

If you combine a glass door with impressive hallway design your guests will be welcomed in style. Of course, you need to consider your privacy and choose a design that suits your needs.

Front door ideas – classic wood in modern designs

Wooden house facade front door ideas wood panels

Wooden doors are a timeless classic. In recent years, the trend has prevailed to match the front door with the architecture of the house and we have seen excellent front door ideas. If you have a wood paneled facade or a stone facade, you can opt for a wooden entrance door.

modern wooden front door natural stone facade house entrance


The wooden doors can be combined with glass elements – this gives the design a luxurious look. Wood and metal in solid color look modern and inviting. A wooden door needs regular oiling and painting, so that it could withstand moisture and bad weather in the winter.

Front door ideas from unusual materials

minimalist house architecture modern revolving front door concrete

There are quite many front door ideas which feature unusual materials. Some architects opt for front doors made of concrete or metal, copper or stainless steel.

 Classic wood in modern design

modern house front door wood glass stone slabs house entrance

Exterior doors must be carefully selected to complement and harmonize with the house. Since the front door is the face of your home it is not advisable to experiment with colors and shapes as the main goal is to have a modern, protected and comfortable home. The market offers doors in any color from the palette. For those of you looking for something with clean modern lines, there are many doors with simple yet elegant design. Besides a beautiful appearance front doors should also offer a good security. Heat and noise insulation are also of importance.

Wood and glass combination

modern house entry front door glass wood outdoor lighting

Glass doors are typical for modern houses

Front door ideas modern house entrance stone paths

The entrance is the face of the home

Modern house designs ideas front door glass

modern front doors wood glass contemporary house design

modern front door wooden glass facade contemporary house ideas

minimalist glass door front house entryway design ideas

house exterior front door wood facade wooden garage door

House entrance front modern wood metal glass door

Glass doors house facade glazed modern home ideas

front sliding glass door modern house entrance ideas

front door ideas glass metal contemporary house architecture

Front house entrance stone slabs facade metal glass revolving door

contemporary house entrance door glass metal light green



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