15 Trendy Henna Tattoo Ideas to Get Now Plus Some Halloween Designs for Your Costume!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Lately I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. It’s just… you know, a big decision to put something on your body that will stay there forever! What if I don’t like it in 10,20 or 30 years? But having one of those cool Boho designs, especially now that Halloween is just around the corner, would be a nice way to spice things up with my appearance! Maybe I can think about going for a henna tattoo? I just need to figure out what kind of design to choose, but there are so many! Let’s have a look at some trendy and stylish henna tattoo ideas, plus some options on how to wear them for Halloween! Yikes!

Henna hand tattoos ideas

hand henna tattoos_ideas for hand henna tattoos

Let’s first focus on henna hand tattoos. While Rihanna’s henna tattoo is not a temporary one, her design is henna inspired. Actually, her iconic henna-based tattoo is one of the reasons why I wanted to get a hand tattoo in the first place! When talking about her tattoo, the great queen says that she wanted a mix of something sexy, decorative and feminine. I think she certainly achieved that with this Boho chic design. It just goes so well with her extravagant fashion style! Well, I probably won’t be able to pull it off as much as RiRi did, but why not give it a try?

henna hand tattoo_white henna tattoo ideas

If you are looking for henna tattoo ideas on something more elegant and classy, go with the white henna choice! White henna makes these temporary tattoos look very feminine and ethereal. It’s like you are a forest fairy! And this is actually a very popular choice among brides-to-be. If you want to complement your wedding makeup with something different and unique, a white henna tattoo should do the trick!

halloween henna tattoo_witch henna tattoo

And for those of you who have chosen a witch Halloween costume for this year’s celebration, you can go with this eerie red henna design! The detailed deadly snake and staring evil eye will go hand in hand with your witchy look! I am pretty obsessed with movies and TV shows about witches, and my hair is already red, so I think I definitely can pull off this creepy look! Stay tuned for pictures!

Henna back tattoos

henna tattoos_henna back tattoos

Boho henna back tattoos are just so stunning! They complement the shape of your back so beautifully, and would be a great choice for warmer weather. And if you have a short haircut, this henna choice is exactly for you! You won’t need to always keep your hair in a ponytail or a bun, you can just wear it with ease.

henna back tattoos ideas_dreamcatcher henna tattoo

Is it me, or have dreamcatchers always been a trend with henna tattoos? I mean, these beautiful ornaments just never go out of style! Plus, they have a meaning attached to them if you are looking for that in a tattoo design. People tend to go for the dreamcatcher tattoo because it represents safety and protection, as the item itself is supposed to get rid of bad dreams.

fairy henna tattoo_beautiful henna tattoos

Speaking of tattoos that make you look like a fairy, I definitely think this is the top choice in this category! Such a stunning and delicate design with brown henna. If you are looking for going as a fairy princess for your next Halloween party, I think this henna tattoo idea will come in handy. Just make sure you wear something with a low-cut back to fully display your ethereal wings!

Henna arm tattoos ideas

solar system henna tattoo_planets henna tattoo

Have this tattoo done if you want to look out of this world. Haha, get it? Since I am also obsessed with zodiac signs, I love anything outer space related. Can’t you just picture the planets and stars speaking to you with this awesome design? Want it!

henna moon tattoo_henna tattoo ideas
If are still looking for something more feminine and elegant, than I think you have found it! Nothing says female energy like blooming roses and the eternal moon. Symbolizing the spiritual aspects of femininity, like creativity, wisdom and intuition, the henna moon tattoo is also one design that is always in. A lot of people also love to combine it with a sun, so you can also go with that idea as well.

dark mark tattoo_temporary halloween tattoos

This one is for the Harry Potter fans, or for anyone who is thinking of getting a sinister henna tattoo to go in hand with their scary costume. Get the dark mark henna design and signal to your fellow Death Eaters! Or some may not even know what your tattoo means, so you can just wear it with a biker or pirate costume. Show them you have nothing to fear!

I hope you guys picked out your favourite designs and are ready to get to painting! You can always go to a professional henna tattoo artist, or you can order henna online and have a friend who knows their way around it paint you. But for those of you who want to experiment and do it themselves, you can check out some DIY henna tattoo ideas and start your own henna studio at home. Have fun!

Henna hand tattoos ideas—Photo Gallery


Beautiful design of a henna sun tattoo

sun henna tattoo_temporary sun tattoo

Amazing henna necklace tattoo

necklace henna tattoo_temporary necklace tattoo

Another good choice for your witch costume!

moon henna tattoo_hand henna tattoo

Go full on white henna

henna leg tattoo_white hennaa leg tattoo

Who needs to buy new jewellery when you can have it painted?

necklace tattoo_henna necklace tattoo




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