Keep your holiday decoration fresh from Thanksgiving to Christmas

by Kremy


holiday decorating ideas table centerpiece evergreens candles fruits

The festive season starting from Thanksgiving to Christmas is the time when we spend the most valuable time with our friends and family. Everyone gathers for these holidays and it is usually the host who decorates the house for the occasions. As different these festive days are – there are some clever and easy ways to keep your holiday decoration fresh from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

DIY Christmas decor ides dramatic colourful winter accents


It may seem hard to create a decor which will last from Thanksgiving to Christmas but here are some ideas and projects which you may find useful. It would be a good idea to keep your holiday decoration simple as great ideas are simple but effective. First and most important is to think about the Thanksgiving decor as the base for your Christmas decor. Especially when we talk about table centerpieces, wreaths and decor accents and colours. Craft a Thanksgiving wreath for your front door from grapevines and decorate it with bittersweet. The same wreath can be wired to garlands of evergreens and become a fantastic nature-inspired Christmas decor.

DYI easy holiday decoration tabletop christmas trees

Using natural materials for your holiday decors and this will save you both time and money. A glass vase can be filled with mixed nuts for Thanksgiving and by adding some fresh fruits and branches of pine you will have a beautiful Christmas accent. An earthy, organic Thanksgiving decor can be easily transformed into a glamorous Christmas decor with a splash of gold and silver. With a bit of imagination and creative design your decoration will last longer and will look fresh and beautiful.

 artistic decoration artful tree blue ornaments

artistic decoration ideas fruits and candles mantelpiece

creative holiday decorating ideas door wreath red white peppermint

easy holiday decoration crafts white ornaments silver glitter cones

DIY easy holiday decor ideas colorful ornaments on bare branch

DIY festive holiday decorating door knob evegreens cones

DIY holiday decoration ideas birdcage from ceiling potted tree

DIY holiday decor dishes paper letters christmas message

DIY holiday table decoration silver ornaments pops of red colour

easy decorating crafts wreath table centerpiece

easy decor crafts red frame white felt wreath

easy holiday decor ideas tray ornaments evergreens

easy to make decoration draped garland evergreen

quick and easy to make decor ideas christmas figures under glass cloche

elegant festive decoration white silver icy blue mantel side table

holiday decorating ideas old and new pictures display

holiday decoration ideas pine and cones display

holiday decorating ideas planted mini christmas trees table decor

indoor decorations garland and christmas card display

easy decor ideas homemade snowglobes vases with evergreens

quick easy holiday decor ideas mini evergreens in bowls

quick holiday decorating ideas various sizes glasses candles mantel decor

stylish holiday decoration ideas silver gold orbs garland evergreens

stylish holiday decor bare tree winterberry branches staircase

stylish holiday decor ideas glass vase nuts flowers pine branches


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