How to Clean PVC Window Frames Naturally? 4 Easy Home Methods

by Kristiyana

Did you just open your window this morning to air out the room and noticed that its frame is particularly dirty? I had the exact same situation, which made me pick up the brush and take action! To help you as best as possible, today I’m showing you how to clean PVC window frames with natural products.

Why Are My Window Frames So Dirty?

why are my window frames so dirty

This is the exact same question I asked my husband this morning. Why are our window frames so dirty? We don’t even live on a street with heavy traffic. But there is too much dust, fumes, etc. outside that dirt accumulates heavily on the frames, but also on the joints. In the case of winds, the situation is even worse. Good news: regular cleaning allows you to successfully maintain the frames and restore their shine, but also to extend their lifespan. How to achieve this? I will reveal to you all the little tips to adopt urgently.

How to Clean PVC Window Frames?

how to clean pvc window frames naturally


If you think you only need to clean window panes, think again. Its frames also deserve our special attention. To avoid the harmful effects of chemicals, but also to save money, today I am revealing to you the top natural methods for successfully cleaning window frames.

  • Good to know:  You probably already know this, but I’ll give you a clever tip to do at the very beginning of cleaning. To make your task easier, do not hesitate to clean with the vacuum cleaner to remove large dust balls.

Cleaning PVC with Baking Soda for Frames That Look Like New

cleaning pvc with baking soda cleaning pvc frames naturally

Cleaning PVC window frames with baking soda is a popular natural solution that is very easy to use. It is actually the most commonly used household product in home cleaning. And I found the perfect ratio on the Internet: a mixture of 1/2 liter of lukewarm water and six tablespoons of baking soda. Stir the mixture well and clean with a clean cloth. In addition to loosening window frames, this versatile cleaning agent will also whiten them.

Soapy Water: The Easiest Cleaning Method

how to clean pvc window frames with soapy water

As its name suggests, soapy water is prepared from water and preferably ecological soap. My favorite product? Well, I love using Marseille soap for cleaning, especially given its antiseptic properties. For simpler handling, get the soap in the form of cubes or flakes. Mix with water and clean with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.

Cleaning PVC Window Frames with White Vinegar

cleaning pvc with white vinegar cleaning window frames

After baking soda, white vinegar is the other super popular household cleaning product. The ratio of vinegar to hot water is 1:4. Put in a sprayer and spray directly on your window frames. Wipe with a clean cloth.

How to Clean PVC Window Frames with Hydrogen Peroxide?

how to clean pvc window frames with hydrogen peroxide

The last method to clean PVC window frames naturally is to use hydrogen peroxide. So, soak a soft cloth in it and rub the frame. Then, rinse with clean water and finish drying with a clean cloth.

Cleaning PVC Window Frames: Products That Should Not Be Used

cleaning pvc window frames products not to use

Finally, I would also like to give you a list of products not to use when cleaning the frames of your PVC windows and why.

  1. Bleach can damage the top layer of the PVC profile.
  2. Products containing acid or ammonia. In addition to damaging PVC, they also attract dirt.
  3. Finally, never use the abrasive side of the sponge, as you risk scratching the surface.

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