DIY Halloween Decorations for the Balcony: These Cool Ideas Attract Everyone’s Attention

by Kremy

Of course, Halloween decorations indoors are definitely part of the holiday. But we also want everyone outside to be impressed by our spooky atmosphere. If you have a house, the garden, front yard and entrance area are perfect. But what if you live in an apartment? Then you still have the balcony! What could you make and/or use as Halloween decorations for the balcony?

Despite the lack of space, you still have a few options to create a spooky scene. Use walls, furniture and especially the railing for this purpose! Halloween 2023 is approaching: So start preparing!

Simple Railing Ideas

diy halloween decorations for the balcony ghosts with white robes

Probably the easiest idea to decorate the railing is an artificial spider web, which you can purchase at any decorating store. But you can also hang up fine fabrics or thicker yarn. In any case, you should not neglect the balcony railing, because this is basically the most noticeable part of it.

cool halloween decorations for the balcony with cobwebs spiders and other figures

  • Spider webs (also in black)
  • Flower arrangements in boxes in Halloween colors and with Halloween decorations
  • Climbing skeletons, zombies or the like
  • Witches sitting on the railing (instead of a broom)
  • Creepy figures in white robes that stand out even at night
  • Fairy lights
  • Fog with a fog machine
  • Giant spiders
  • “Happy Halloween” lettering

DIY Spiders as a Halloween Decoration for the Balcony

decorate balcony railings with large spiders and webs

Spiders are classics when it comes to Halloween decorations, especially in combination with webs. Since the balcony is quite far away, the spiders there should be as large as possible in order to attract attention. Even a single giant spider, often combined with smaller ones, will look spooky and attract everyone’s attention.

Making an oversized spider isn’t that difficult:

  • Fill a black plastic bag with any filling material (e.g. newspaper) and tie it shut. The bag should not be overstuffed.
  • Tie the bag at one point. One part should be smaller than the other to form the head and body.
  • You can make the legs from pool noodles. Bend them and secure with packing tape.

Use the Ceiling for Hanging Halloween Decorations

hang witch hats for a quick spooky halloween decoration

Apart from the fact that there is usually a lack of space on the balcony and you have to keep the floor clear in order to access it comfortably, you wouldn’t really notice the decoration there from the street. The ceiling is much better.

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Make Hanging Bats

diy halloween decorations for the balcony hanging bats

To decorate your outdoor space for Halloween with bats, hang them individually from the ceiling or make a mobile that only requires you to pierce the ceiling once.

  • Print any template you like (or combine them all together).
  • Cut out the bat shape.
  • Use the motif as a stencil and transfer the outlines onto black craft cardboard.
  • Cut out the bat.
  • Fold the paper at all wing tips to create a 3D effect.
  • Punch a hole in the bat at the tail area and tie string to the hole.
  • Hang the Halloween decorations for the balcony outside, preferably at different heights.

You can also use the same idea with ghosts, which don’t even need any folding. You can also use our templates for this. Of course, other typical Halloween motifs are also suitable.

diy halloween decorations for the balcony hanging witch hats

Hanging witch hats also looks very cool. Simply thread a string through a needle, tie a knot at the end and poke through the top of the hat from below so that the thread comes out the top and can be used for hanging.

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bat template to print out as a stencil for diy halloween decor


free printable bat template for folding and punching


quick and easy bat decoration for outdoors


print out the ghost cut it out and hang it on the ceiling of the balcony


diy hanging halloween decoration with ghosts templates


ghost template to print and decorate

Create Lighting Using Lanterns

diy halloween decorations for the balcony lanterns with stickers and nets

This craft idea takes hardly any time and will give you beautiful Halloween lighting outside. Get ready-made lanterns and hang them with LED candles or attached to a string of lights. You can design the lanterns in any way you like, for example with stickers or a simple black or white net that you hang over them.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Balcony and Your Own Comfort

decorate balcony seating area with spiderweb pumpkin candles and ghost

If you want to spend a little time on your balcony, of course, it is worth to decorate the seating area a little. To do this, you can place beautiful figures and quick Halloween decorations, spooky candles and arrangements on the table, arrange Halloween pumpkins and lanterns around the seating area and add one or two spider webs.

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Place Dead Plants

last minute halloween decoration for the balcony with artificial plants in black

You can combine fresh fall flowers with such “dead” plants on your table or another shelf on the balcony. These are simple artificial plants that you spray with black paint. The perfect last minute Halloween decoration for the balcony.

Original Halloween Pumpkin in Bright Color

simple diy halloween decorations for the balcony neon pumpkin with bats

It doesn’t always have to be the classic Halloween pumpkin with a creepy face. An outdoor pumpkin decoration in a bright color will also look stunning.

How to make the spooky Halloween decoration yourself:

  • Spray paint the pumpkin in neon pink, green or yellow, for example.
  • Glue bats in place once the paint has dried. You can also use the templates above for this purpose, but you should then print out the motifs in a reduced size.
  • This time, just fold the bat in half or curve it a little to create an adhesive surface.
  • You can also use small spiders instead.

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Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas – Witch on the Bench

decorate the outdoor sitting area with witch skull and mist

Fancy a little company? This outdoor Halloween decoration is also super easy. Buy a skeleton, a witch, a zombie or any other figure and place it on one of the chairs or your bench.

halloween decoration for the balcony skeletons zombie witch figures

Skull with red fairy lights on the railing

halloween decoration for the balcony with skull red lights and flowers on the railing

Climbing skeletons

climbing skeletons are a simple and cool decoration for the spooky holiday

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