How to Set Up a Meditation Room at Home? 10+ Budget Friendly Ideas for a Relaxing Space

by Kristiyana

Most days, you just want to come home from a long day at work and unwind. You feel me? Everybody has their own way. Some people relax by filling a glass of their favourite wine, and drinking it in front of the TV. While others might prefer something a bit more different. Meditation or yoga, anyone? Practising meditation or yoga exercises is a great way to empty your headspace of undesired and stressful thoughts. Plus, you also get a light workout out of it! Do you want to find out how to set up a meditation room at home? Here are 10+ budget friendly ideas for creating a relaxing space.

Day bed for your home meditation room

rooms with daybeds meditation room with daybed

Instead of the classic meditation/yoga mats or floor cushions, why not set up a comfy daybed to spread upon after a long day? Opt for layering with different soft textures to delight your sense of touch: fluffy pillows, wool blankets, a comfortable mattress, etc.

All-white home meditation room idea

all white meditation room white meditation room ideas


For a budget-friendly idea for the perfect meditation room at home, opt for an all-white space. The white colour will make you feel relaxed and at ease. With this design, you don’t need to worry too much about furnishing, as it is all about minimalism. The fewer items the better.

Set up a relaxing zone near the windows

meditation room with big windows big windows designs

When the weather is too chilly, yet you still want to feel closer to nature, set up a meditation space in front of a big glass window or door. This would be the perfect place to enjoy a light read, as the sun rays coming through the windows will offer you with natural light. The rest of the design is minimal, hence the room can be used for multiple purposes.

Favourite aromas to make you feel at ease

relazing aroma room with candles

A relaxing zone cannot be completed without your favourite aromas. Set up a small corner with scented candles, aroma sticks, or an air diffuser with essential oils. Delight your sense of smell to help you transport to a place of tranquillity and serenity.

Home meditation space with beanbags

beanbag chairs rooms with bean bag chairs ideas

Daybeds are not the only comfy alternate to the classic yoga mats and floor cushions. Beanbag chairs are entering the modern meditation room at home to offer you with a relaxing space where you can meditate. Plus, they are budget-friendly and give the room a chill vibe.

Natural elements for a relaxing atmosphere

meditation room at home meditation room with natural elements

How to set up a meditation/yoga room at home? Decorate it with nature-inspired items! Feel closer to nature by incorporating wood, brass, seagrass and other decorations from organic materials in your relaxing space. You can easily find such in thrift shops, garage sales, or even make them yourself with the help of internet tutorials.

Green meditation room at home idea

green meditation room at home green meditation room ideas

Is there any other colour that makes you think of peace and tranquillity more than green? And it doesn’t even have to be this soft light green, but you can go with any other shade you like. Sage green is particularly popular this year. Or if you don’t want a full-on paint job, green accents displayed throughout your meditation room will also give it a chill vibe.

Sheer curtains to let soft light in

how to create a meditation room at home sheer curtains designs

If you want to have light in your relaxing home space, but still cover the windows, set up sheer curtains. They will block some of the noise and sunlight, while offering you with just enough natural light to perform your desired activities.

Relaxing space in the hallway idea

hallway meditation room at home meditation room at home on a budget

For another budget-friendly idea, set up your hallway as a meditation space at home. That way you will use up the free space and get e relaxing zone at the same time. Display a mat in a soft natural texture for comfortable seating.

Bohemian meditation room at home

boho meditation room at home bohemian meditation room

What’s not to love about a meditation room at home in a Bohemian design? I personally love anything Boho-related, hence I can see myself setting up this lovely chic corner in my flat. Can you?

Greenery to make you feel one with nature

meditation space at home relaxation space at home

You must have noticed that most of the meditation rooms featured in this article all have different plants displayed here and there. Some greenery can really light up the room and freshen the air. Plants are an essential component of any relaxing zone.

Personalized home meditation room

personalized meditation room at home personalized relaxing room

And last but by no means least, a relaxing space at home cannot be completed without a few personal items that can light up your mood. It could be a favourite photo, painting, a book close to your heart or any other item that you can picture being in your most sacred space.


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