Yoga room ideas – how to create your peaceful corner at home?

by Kremy

Yoga room ideas color schemes decorations

Yoga room ideas can be implemented in any home. The yoga room at home is a special place dedicated to this ancient art and an inviting, comfortable spot where you can practice your exercise. How to design a yoga room at home? Are there special rules for the colors, furniture, decoration and lighting? What is the best way to arrange a space filled with harmony and use it to restore the balance of mind after a hard day? We shall give you some useful and practical ideas for the design and decoration of a special room which you can arrange in your own home.


Yoga room ideas – where to start from?


Yoga room at home design ideas decoration tips lighting


Nowadays many people appreciate the many health benefits that yoga offers and this is not a fashion but a necessity in the hectic times that we live in and thousands of people attend yoga studios to experience its relaxing effects. For various reasons many people do not have the opportunity to attend a studio and opt for a yoga room at home which gives them more flexibility and practice time. Designing your own room will give you the freedom to incorporate your practice into your everyday life. In addition, you can customize your room to serve your individual needs.

Yoga room ideas attic remodel ideas wood floorin skylights

There are numerous yoga room ideas which will help you create your own corner of peace and tranquility. The interior of a room, planned for yoga practice is very important as it has to create an ambience and help you discover your own chi or inner spirit. Most people believe that to practice yoga at home, all you need is a mat and enough space to move freely in 360 degrees. However, yoga is more than a series of physical exercises. When you want to make your practice more intimate and more fulfilling you need a special place for practice.

Yoga room at home design ideas wall art candles

Look around for any unused space in your home which can be converted into a functional room. The room does not have to be very large. For example, you can use the guest bedroom or the grown up kid-at-college bedroom. It will be good if the yoga room has a window so you can take advantage of natural lighting. You can use a folding screen to separate your space from the rest of the room.

Yoga room design ideas wood flooring wall wood ceiling


Get rid of all clutter. Everything distracting the attention should be removed from the room. Remember that the leading principles of yoga are focus and concentration. Strong colors and massive furniture pieces, storage boxes – all these have no place in your room as they can interfere with concentration.


Yoga room ideas – flooring, lighting, colors and decoration


Yoga studio at home wood flooring natural light mirror wall

When looking for yoga room ideas and looking at images of rooms, pay attention to the color schemes. You will notice that they are from the neutral color palette so that a calm, peaceful atmosphere is created. Repaint the walls, if you think it is necessary. Avoid bright colors and wallpapers with large patterns. Blues, light green, beige, sand, white – these are suitable colors. The place should be warm so that you do not feel uncomfortable as the practice slows down your metabolism, making you vulnerable to drafts.


attic room ideas skylightis wood floor decor

You have to consider the flooring. Is the existing flooring suitable for yoga practice? Hardwood floors are most suitable as they create a connection with Nature and are better to hold balance poses. If your floor is carpeted and you are not willing to change the flooring, there is nothing wrong with that. Some people feel that a carpeted floor is more secure and non slippery. The yoga mat should be thick enough. It is best if you opt for a mat from natural materials, although synthetic mats are less expensive.

Yoga room design ideas wood flooring natural light

Lighting can set the mood. Natural light is most suitable but if sun is too hot or falls directly into the room, some soft sheers over the windows will help you. The general lighting concept is to offer a warm and unobtrusive light. Harsh lighting should be avoided. Artificial fluorescent lights are not advisable. A better idea is to install dimmer switches on overhead lights.

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Decoration and accessories should be chosen with care. A few natural objects, candles, floor lamps with paper shades, artwork, photographs, if you wish – anything that helps you get into the right mood. Choose posters or paintings with pleasant images as they will help you relax and fully benefit from the yoga practice. A small storage space for the accessories will be very useful to accommodate your accessories when not in use.

Yoga studio decorating ideas wall art budha statue candles

Surrounding sounds will add to the atmosphere of your yoga room. Whether you like ambient music or nature sounds, you will need a CD or DVD player or a surround sound system. It has to be positioned in a convenient place so that there is no chance of interfering while you practice your exercises.

interior design meditation room mirror

To add the final touches you can choose some plants for a natural experience as they help clean your air and bring Nature inside the room.

Yoga studio design ideas wall colors flooring decoration tips

There is one very important thing to realize when designing a yoga room. You have to keep it simple! Do not overload the space with decorations and unnecessary items. The idea is more about removal than about adding. Keep the space clean from dust and make sure that it is aired regularly. Even if you lived in an urban environment where fresh air is a deficit, airing the room is better than nothing. You could consider air purifier and ionizer system.



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