The perfect meditation room – a sacred place to relax your soul

by Kremy

outdoor meditation room ideas how to decorate a room for meditation

How to create the perfect meditation room? Many people have the necessity to practice meditation and not many are lucky enough to be able to do it outdoors. If you prefer to meditate in the open air, you need to choose a beautiful and pleasant place where nobody will disturb you – the banks of rivers, lakes or the sea, or on top of a hill where there is a beautiful forest. However, sometimes it is impossible to go outdoors and you will need a place to meditate.

 How to design a meditation room?

Meditation room design ideas large window floor mat


You can do with one or two floor cushions, several aroma candles and a secluded place where you will not be disturbed. This is quite true. But surely you would want to have a quiet heaven in a house that will motivate you to devote time to harmonize your emotions and body. There are many options for the design of the meditation room – colorful, simple or minimalist. It is up to you to decide which your style is and which design inspires you. There are four main elements that you have to think about when you start furnishing your special room for meditation.

how to decorate room for meditation budha statue natural light floor mats

Wall design plays a major role in creating a such space. The general background will either irritate you or help you for the maximum relaxation. The most preferred colors and shades are sand, blue, pale purple, light green, white. Light is very important, especially in the morning. Natural light is the key to complete a morning meditation.

 How to furnish and decorate a meditation room?

room for meditation decoration accessories

A meditation room does not require a special luxury. It has to offer you a relaxed atmosphere. The furniture is as little as possible. Minimalism is the style that is perfect for this special place to relax the soul. Shelves, tables, cabinets – these furniture pieces have no place in there. You can opt for a miniature coffee table made of glass and arrange candles on it but massive furniture pieces are not appropriate. Accessories like crystals or stones always need to be kept on the surface and never hide them in a box.

outdoor meditation ideas sea shore

Simple room for meditation in neutral colors

room for meditation decor ideas wood floor neutral wall color candles

 Keep the furniture pieces to the possible minimum

meditation room colors neutral color palette beige area rug

A beautiful interior design

indoor mdetation room design wood floor sand floor cushions

Take advantage of natural light

 design natural light white floor cushions floor mats

outdoor room for meditation ideas covered platform floor cushion

ideas neutral colors decor floor mats

home fitness blue rugs large wall mirror

design ideas wood floor large windows natural light

 design ideas neutral colors floor mats cushions

 design ideas minimalist style interior

decor ideas minimalist design wood floor statue lantern

large windows natural lighting room ideas

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