How to Clean a Mirror Without Steaks: Avoid These 3 Mistakes!

by Kremy

We all have mirrors in our homes. In the corridor it plays the role of personal adviser before we leave the house: either to adjust the hat, or for a final look at the makeup, or to note the lack of an accessory. In the living room mirrors of various sizes and shapes enlarge the space and add a touch of sophistication to the style. If look at a mirror, at any time you need “advice”, it should be clean and shiny. Cleaning a mirror can be a simple task if you know a few tricks.

How Often Should You Clean a Mirror?

How often should you clean a mirror

The answer to this question varies depending on where the mirror is positioned. For example, a bathroom mirror must be cleaned after each bath.

mirror in the hallway makes the space larger


Nowadays, the mirror does not perform only a practical function. It has turned into a decorative element of the living room and bedroom, occupying a place worthy of its beauty, demonstrating well-being and luxury. Therefore, cleaning a mirror in these rooms is essential at least once a week, given its representative role.

Finally, given that mirrors are often used to reflect light and brighten dark corners in the house, the requirement to be clean is imperative.

Is It Possible to Clean a Mirror Without Leaving Streaks?

how to clean a mirror without leaving streaks

Beauty and durability, this is the formula you should look for when opting for a modern and trendy mirror. A mirror gets dirty quickly. Limescale or toothpaste stains as a result of splashes, fingerprints and scratches of unknown origin, all this mess is difficult to remove without a suitable cloth and effective cleaning products. All of us have stood in front of a “cleaned” mirror that is covered with textile threads.

clean a mirror with microfiber cloth and white vinegar

Having this in mind, the right choice of a microfiber cloth is essential. The star cleaner in the fight against stains is white vinegar, which has proved its power to remove dirt. Washing, cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing – white vinegar is always our ally when it comes to cleaning a refrigerator or other household appliances.

The third participant in the trio that promises to clean a mirror without leaving streaks is a spray bottle.

How to Clean a Mirror Naturally?

dust brush to remove dust


Get a dusting brush that will remove dust from your mirror. This preliminary step is a must because as soon as you spray, the small particles will spread on the mirror and towards its edges. When dust becomes soft, it is sticky and difficult to remove. Cleaning a dust-free mirror is much easier.

how to clean a mirror avoid circular movements

The other mistake that is often made when cleaning a mirror is the direction of the movements. Move the cloth from right to left and up and down, without making circular movements.

you can clean an old mirror with natural ingredients

If you clean the mirror with water, do not leave it damp and always dry with a microfiber to prevent mildew. Keep in mind that water is not able to degrease and remove fingerprints. It is better to use wet wipes which are an effective cleaner thanks to the alcohol content.

Say goodbye to abrasive cleaners as they can leave scratches on the surface and damage the metal layer.

You can take advantage of the degreasing properties of black tea which, sprayed on the mirror, makes it shine. Don’t forget to dry.

clean a mirror natural cleaners

If in the past, our grandmothers used newspaper to clean the windows, they got the same shiny effect. Simple and inexpensive! The only downside is that the quality of the ink in contemporary newspapers is often questionable and can leave traces.

Does the Mirror in the Bathroom Require Special Care?

prevent bathroom mirror fogging

These tips work when cleaning your bathroom mirror and also prevent it from fogging up after taking a shower. Here is how to clean a mirror in the bathroom:

  • Mix one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and one teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake vigorously to mix.
  • Spray the solution on the mirror and let sit for a few seconds.
  • Wipe off the mirror with a microfiber cloth or newspaper.

This trick ensures that the surface will not fog up for a few days. Repeat when necessary.

How to Clean an Old Plaster Mirror?

How to Clean an Old Plaster Mirror

One cannot clean a mirror and ignore its frame, as the wood or plaster it is made from requires a delicate approach. The plaster for example, if it is too wet begins to soften. The wood, on the other hand, if it is damp, can swell and if it is treated with alcohol, it can fade.

Avoid using expired products, products that make foam, old cleaning solutions that have been stored for more than a month because they tend to leave the glass hazy.


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