How to Keep Cats from Eating Houseplants? 4 Proven Methods

by Kristiyana

How do I stop my cat from eating my houseplants? What efficient methods can you try without harming your pet? 

how do i keep cats from eating houseplants

Anyone who’s ever had a cat as a pet knows that it’s completely different from having a dog. Cats are temperamental. One second they are comfortably cuddling up next to you on the couch, the next you already have a sizable scratch on your arm. But we love them deeply, what can we do! However, regarding some parts of their troublesome behavior, I am not so forgivable. Like when my cat starts to chew on my houseplants! The nerve! Isn’t it super annoying and frustrating when this happens?! If you want to learn how to keep cats from eating houseplants, just keep on reading!

How to Keep Cats from Eating Houseplants? The 4 Proven Methods

how to keep cats from eating houseplants proven method

Unfortunately for my mother, I managed to escape from the terrors of my furry roommate and can peacefully and safely grow my houseplants at my own flat, but she still has to deal with our cat eating hers. Luckily, as with any part of life, when you have a problem and want to fix it, you try whatsoever comes to mind. Today, I am sharing with you a list of cat-safe methods for how to keep cats from eating houseplants, mostly provided by my mom’s experience. I hope they help!

Use Cat-Safe Detergents to Spray Your Plants Against Chewing

spraying plants with bitter tasking detergents use citrus peels

Likely, the first approach that may come to mind when trying to steer your cat away from your houseplants is to spray the plants with a specially-designed detergent for such cases. There are many commercial products you can find in stores for gardening tools or online. These sprays are formulated with bitter-tasting substances to discourage cats from biting or chewing your plants. Or, for a more environmentally-friendly alternative, try with citrus scents! Cats naturally dislike the smell and taste of citrus fruits, so you can place orange or lemon peels around the base of your houseplants to act as a natural detergent.

Create Barriers Between the Houseplants and Your Cat

creating barriers between your plants and the cat

Another super easy fix to your cat eating houseplants problem can be creating physical barriers for your pet. Most often, when our cat (his name is Jimmy) starts to chew any of my mother’s houseplants, she simply places them on higher shelves or puts them on cabinets where there are many items displayed and Jimmy can’t jump on top of them. Plus, he is a pretty lazy cat, so once the plant is out of his reach, he doesn’t have the determination to chase after it. Some cat owners decide to place rocks, pine cones, or other rough-textured items around the base of the plants to make them less appealing to their pets. You can try that as well.

Provide Your Cat with a Houseplant of Their Own

provide your cat with their own plant

Cats are animals that are naturally drawn to vegetation, so another easy method for keeping them far from your houseplants is to provide them with a plant of their own! Consider growing catnip, cat thyme, cat grass, parsley or rosemary in a designated area in your home. If you do decide to grow any of these plants, do so in small pots, so your pet is not inclined to dig into them or use them as a toilet. Also use organic, chemical-free potting soil. Providing your cat with their own plant will satisfy their urge to chew and, hopefully, diminish their interest in any of your other houseplants!

How to Keep Cats from Eating Houseplants by Training Them

train your cat to not eat your houseplants

Although it might be a little more difficult and tricky to train a full-grown cat rather than a baby to not eat your houseplants, it is still possible! You just have to arm yourself with time, patience and determination! My mother has tried many times to teach our cat not to chew on her plants, but she is not the most patient of people, and neither am I. A training method you can try is to distract your cat and then redirect their attention away from the plants. When you see your cat going near any of your houseplants, simply call them away or pick them up and leave them on the floor without too much fuss. Wait a minute or two, and provide your cat with a different activity, a game of some sort or a favorite toy. Keep this going until your pet finally learns to not eat your houseplants.

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