How to Make the Lawn Thicker? Top Tips for a Fabulous & Healthy Grass!

by Snezhana Besarabova

We all want to enjoy that thick, healthy and lush grass in the garden, where children and pets run, that we’ve seen in movies. But how to achieve this fresh, green, and beautiful “carpet” in your yard? In fact, this is not so difficult, and rather pleasant engagement, which involves spending time outside in fresh air, surrounded by nature. And it takes only a few steps to have a wonderful view of a large and even grass coverage out of your home window. In this regard, let us show you our short list of suggestions on how to make the lawn thicker and thriving.

Why proper management of soil is important?

how to make the lawn thicker and green add fertilizers 1

How to make the lawn develop in the best way possible? Everything depends on the soil’s health! The type of your soil and its pH are of vital importance for giving a chance to the grass to thrive. Therefore, you should start by improving your lawn with performing soil analysis, which will show what is the kind of the soil, and what is the amount of the nutrients in it. In this way you’ll know what should you add to it.

How to make the lawn thicker with fertilizers?

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Your lawn needs a regular feeding with fertilizers, mostly for the active growing season. But how to recognize which fertilizer is best for the grass? There is a great choice on the market, and it’s up to you to choose the appropriate one for your garden. Some people prefer synthesized, others – organic fertilizers. More and more people now use the recently created nano-fertilizers, in which the nutrients are in micro nano-sizes. This makes them ready to be absorbed easily by grassroots, without the need to be broken down chemically before that. Thus, your lawn receives fast all the needed nutrients and have all the chances to be green, lush and sustainable.

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What is the water amount that your lawn requires?

how to make the lawn thicker and green water regularly

It’s known that in the active growing season, lawns require about 1 in (2.5 cm) of water weekly in addition to the regular rainfalls. But how to know the amount of water the sprinkler sprays on the lawn? This may be achieved with a dozen of little cups (for instance soft drink cans) placed within the range of each of your sprinklers, during one irrigation cycle. You should measure the amount of water in the various cups to see whether is it the same. Your aim is to have one inch of water in each cup, gathered within a week. So, plan your irrigation devices to be placed in a way to achieve this result. There is one important thing to remember – try to not overwater your grass, since this can lead to a lot of damage!

How to make the lawn thicker and green when mowing?

how to make the lawn thick and green mow it short weekly

Regular mowing is a must, if you want to achieve fine density and vertical growth. This can be done both with rotary or reel mower. It’s important to determine the mowing height, which is in dependence of the grass type. Zoysia grass, for example, is mown 0.5-1.5 in (1.3-3.5 cm) in height, whereas other grass may have 2-4 in (5-10 cm). The rule is not to cut off more than ⅓ of the leaf blade of your grass.

Why aerating your lawn is so important?

how to make the lawn thick and green with an appliance for holes


After winter the soil becomes more compacted, the roots grow slowly, hence the nutrients can’t penetrate and reach the roots. As a result, your grass grows thin and weak. But how to make the lawn thicker in these poor conditions? The first you should do is to aerate your grass. In this process, you make little halls with a lawn aerator, loosening the soil, which enables it to become more accessible for the water and the nutrients. Performed in this way, aerating makes a huge improvement in the lawn’s density and the growth of the roots.

How to make the lawn thicker and green, managing sunlight?

how to make the lawn thick and green

If your lawn becomes thin in some areas without sunlight, this is caused by a shade problem. That’s why, if there isn’t enough sunlight, you should choose to saw shade-tolerant plants there. The other approach is to manage the filtered sunlight, caused by trees, by thinning or cutting some of them.

How to control weeds in your lawn?

how to make the lawn thick and green keep away the weeds

One of the important approaches of how to make the lawn thicker is to control the weeds. Weeds compete for nutrients and light with the grass of your garden. They usually grow out in bare spots of the lawn, and in order to prevent weeds from sprouting out, you should push them out with grass seeds or grass plugs. The other possible approaches are hand-picking the weeds, more frequent mowing, and the use of herbicides.

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