How to Wear Linen over 50? Stylish Ideas, Inspiring Looks and Benefits of Wearing Linen!

by Anjelina

Linen clothes were worn in ancient times in Egypt and Mesopotamia. Because of their unique qualities, many people still like and prefer them today. The comfort they provide is one of the reasons why many women over 50 choose them. And with the hot summer days approaching, we have no choice but to give the naturally textured fabric a chance. In this article, you’ll find out how to wear linen over 50 so that you look stylish, fashionable and make the most of the fabric’s benefits.

natural color linen pants white top

Can you wear linen anytime?

Contrary to what most people think, linen isn’t just a spring/summer fabric. It indeed is lightweight and breathable, however, linen can definitely be worn in colder seasons as well. As a natural fabric, it has incredible thermoregulating properties. In the summer it allows you to breathe, while in the winter it can retain heat and actually keep you warm. Of course, when the weather is cold, you will need to combine linen clothes with others to make the outfit even more suitable.

What are the benefits of wearing linen?

how to wear linen over 50 stylish idea for linen dress natural look


And since we’ve mentioned that linen is a wonderful fabric that has unique properties, we’re going to go into a little more detail to assure you that it’s really worth having at least a few linen garments in your wardrobe, especially if you’re over 50! Your comfort becomes your number one priority!

  • Breathable and hygroscopic fabric: Linen clothes are comfortable to wear at all times and dry extremely quickly.
  • Hygienic and hypoallergenic: Linen doesn’t cause allergies and is often preferred for this very reason.
  • Durability and resistance to fading: The linen threads in the clothes are extremely durable, making them resistant to wear and tear. In addition, the fabric retains its original color and freshness for a long time.

benefits of wearing linen hygroscopic material durable and resistant to fading colors

How to wear linen over 50? Stylish ideas and inspiration!

white linen skirt and black top for summer days

We’ve put together some linen looks for women over 50 to inspire you for the warmer days ahead. Linen fabric looks beautiful, and its unique structure gives it a certain charm.

Linen midi dress

linen midi dress khaki green long sleeves button down natural color

The linen midi dress is an excellent clothing solution for those days when you don’t want to invest much time in choosing your outfit. Indeed, it is a versatile piece, ideal for the spring-summer period. How to achieve a successful look in a snap? The secret here is to opt for a classic style – for example, a flowing button-down midi dress in a neutral color. Khaki green is a great idea to replace white and black and still look classy and chic. Accessories like a pair of pointed shoes, a mini shoulder bag and trendy glasses will complement the simple outfit beautifully for a fashionable look.

Natural ⅞ Linen pants with white striped shirt

natural ⅞ linen pants with white striped shirt

Beige linen pants are another favorite piece in the wardrobe of women after 50. It comes in many cuts and lengths. Nevertheless, the ⅞ model remains the favorite alternative among mature women. Why? Because, this type of pants enhances the female figure by revealing the thinnest part of the leg, aka the ankle! If you’ve already fallen under the spell of the beige linen pants, here’s our suggestion on how to incorporate them into a flawless outfit. What we suggest is to combine it with a white striped shirt and platform shoes in the same colors (beige and white). You’ll be able to get a harmonious, fresh and comfortable outfit in less than 5 minutes!

Linen suit for effortless chic look

linen suit for effortless chic look and white sneakers for women over 50

To play the card of absolute elegance, linen suits come to our aid. The pants/skirt and oversized blazer combo is a fantastic fashion ally to create a stylish outfit almost effortlessly. If you’re a woman who is very interested in fashion tips, you already know the 3 colors rule. Basically, it’s about not mixing more than 3 colors in the same outfit. So, if we rely on this strategy, just choose a comfortable suit in a classic tone like gray for example. Then, associate it with a shirt and shoes in another neutral color (on the photo in white). To complete the look, all that remains is to add suitable accessories (glasses, a pendant necklace or a trendy handbag) and that’s it!

White linen sleeveless dress for hot summer days

white linen sleeveless dress for hot summer days knee length

For hot summer days, you can opt for a simple white knee-length linen dress without sleeves. This way, you’ll achieve maximum comfort as the fabric, as you’ve already learned, is extremely lightweight and breathable, so it will keep you cool. We also want to pay special attention to the white color, which is timeless, and you can always go for it. It definitely has a rejuvenating effect and pairs well with almost all other colors.

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