How to Remove Foundation Stains From White Clothes, According to Pros!

by Radost P.

How to deal with those annoying foundation spots on your favorite white clothes? Is there a way to get rid of them?

How to Get Old Foundation Stains Out of White Clothes?

how to remove old foundation stains from white clothes

In general, makeup stains can be difficult to tackle, yet there are simple tricks from the experts that can help you to successfully remove foundation stains from your white clothing items.

How to Remove Powder Foundation Stains?

how to remove powder foundation


Powder foundation is a dry product, so avoid rubbing it in order to prevent spreading even more foundation onto your clothes. Instead, use a blow dryer to remove as much of the product as possible. Ensure that the machine is turned on a cool setting. 

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Be Careful With Mixing Certain Chemicals

do not mix dish soap and bleach

You might decide to mix specific chemicals so that you can effectively eliminate the foundation stains, yet you should definitely not do that. The reason being is that certain combinations could be dangerous for your health. For example, never mix dish soap and bleach – exposure to the resulting gas leads to undesired symptoms.

Use Makeup Wipes

use makeup wipes to remove foundation stains

These wipes can be effective in removing makeup from clothes too. Rinse the stained area with water and place a makeup wipe over it. Do not rub the stains too much, and rinse the clothing item again after removing the foundation. 

How to Eliminate Oil-Based Foundation

oil based foundation stain

Use several drops of dish soap or laundry detergent and gently place them onto the particular stained area. Scrub the stains with a toothbrush after a few minutes. You may need to repeat the same steps for the best results. 

What to Do With Liquid Foundation Spots?

eliminating liquid foundation

Oil-free foundations are water-based and require the use of rubbing alcohol and shaving cream. The first thing that you should do is to cover the stained area with a shaving cream and leave it for about a few minutes. If the stains are tough, use a mix of the above-mentioned products. Rinse off with cold water. 

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How to Get Foundation Out of White Clothes? Use Bleach As a Final Option!

use bleach to get rid of makeup stains

Bleach is the last method that you should use, only in case the previously mentioned ones do not work. Keep in mind, though, that it is bad to use this solution on clothing items that are made of wool, silk, spandex, or leather. 


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