How to Dress at 40 When You Are Curvy? 14 Looks + Tips for a Fashion Makeover This Fall

by Kremy

New season, new start? Do you want to change and improve your clothing style? To get a real makeover for fall and feel fresher, more elegant and more chic? Are you wondering how to dress at 40 when you are curvy to look slimmer? If the answer to his questions is yes, let’s not waste any more time! Deavita stylists are here to give you the basics to follow and create new looks that flatter your figure!

How to Dress at 40 When You Are Curvy? The Golden Rules to Follow

how to dress when you have a belly

Women’s bodies change over the years, and at 40, they are rarely the same as they were in their 20s. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful, sexy and chic! Let’s take Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci as examples: aren’t they lovely, despite no longer being young and not wearing a size XS? It is entirely possible to be like them, on one condition: knowing the golden rules how to dress at 40 when you are curvy. And, of course, learn to love yourself as you are!

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Get Inspired By Celebrities Who Have the Same Figure as Yours

how to dress at 40 when you are curvy and petite


We mentioned Monica Bellucci and Salma Hayek above and it’s no coincidence. On the internet, you can discover lots of accounts with inspiration ideas how to dress at 40 when you are curvy. If you search a little, you will probably be able to find women who have the same figure as you and who post their daily looks. It can definitely inspire you to try new things for your clothing style. It never hurts to have a muse!

How to Dress at 40 When You Are Curvy? Choose the Right Size!

slimming outfits for 40 year old women

No matter how old we are, when we have a few extra pounds and want to look slimmer, buying clothes in the right size is extremely important. What you wear should be neither too loose nor too tight, so as not to deform your figure and have the opposite effect of what you are looking for. It’s actually a myth that wearing baggy clothes will help you hide your belly or bulges!

How to Dress When You Have a Belly And Bulges? Wear Dark Colors!

how to dress at 40 when you are curvy

Do you know which colors can help you look slimmer? Black, of course, but also dark blue, dark purple, gray, brown or khaki! And no, this doesn’t mean giving up bright colors forever, quite the contrary: use them as details and accessories to make your look more modern and interesting.

What Is the Best Clothes Cut for Curvy Women?

curvy fashion trends modern plus size outfits

The cut of clothes you wear can make or break your outfits. Try wearing tops with V-necklines which will visually lengthen the neck line and make your face appear a little less round. As for pants and jeans, opt for the boot-cut or straight cut which will instantly refine your silhouette. To dress well as a 40 year old curvy woman, also focus on oversized accessories and also on pointed shoes to lengthen your legs.

What Materials Should You Choose to Assemble a Chic Outfit for a Curvy Woman at 40?

how to dress when you are chubby

Would you like some more important advice on How to dress at 40 when you are curvy? Pay close attention to the materials you wear! Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and satin are always more flattering and preferable to synthetics. Additionally, clothes made from these materials always look better and more chic than others.

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What Style Should You Wear at 40?

how to dress at 40 when you are curvy chic dress outfit

Pro tip: Wear simple clothes! The latest fashion trends are certainly to be avoided if they are not appropriate for your figure. Elegance is always hidden in simplicity and that is the thing to prioritize. You will still be sexy, even with a few extra pounds, when your outfits are well chosen and designed to flatter you: that is, basic pieces, in classic colors and with flattering cuts for your body shape. And no, simple clothes don’t have to be boring!

Some Fashion Tips for Chic Curvy Women

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To assemble great outfits, here are some basic principles to consider:

  • Dress in layers: Instead of opting for a blouse or baggy pants, put on a well-fitted dress and wear a trench coat or modern blazer over it to hide your tummy.
  • Play with different textures and accessories to make your looks more interesting and modern.
  • Focus on wrap dresses that are extremely flattering and chic.
  • Highlight the parts of your body that you like and try to show them off more often.
  • Avoid large-scale prints that will age you and add pounds. The same goes for mom jeans, baggy pants and jackets that are too short.
  • Take care of yourself! Take care of your skin, apply makeup and wear a beautiful hairstyle for 40 year old women to feel even more beautiful.
  • Have confidence in yourself and smile! A smile is the best way to look younger and sexier!

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Some Ideas for Curvy 40 Year Old Women Outfits to Be Trendy for Fall 2023

casual outfit curvy woman fall 2023

Curvy woman outfit with pants and leather jacket

fall outfits for curvy women with belly

Opt for a belt to emphasize your waist

trendy fall outfit for curvy women 2023

Chic outfit for work

what pants to hide the belly 40 year old woman

The blazer is a big trend for fall 2023

what is the best clothing style for women at 40

Casual chic outfit for 40 year old women

what is the best clothes cut for curvy women

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