How to soundproof a bedroom – creative ideas for a peaceful sleep

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How to soundproof a bedroom? This is a serious question that many homeowners face, especially those who live in apartment buildings. It is true that the ability to hear the world around us is a gift but there are times when the world is too much invading our personal space and although we cannot create a vacuum around our home, we can try and minimize the sounds of the outside world whether using soundproof curtains or other noise-blocking methods.

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Usually sound insulation in our homes is installed to help us mute the noise of the city, because noise pollution interferes with our activities, very often disrupts our sleep, learning or work. Just imagine the noise levels if you lived in proximity to construction site, a noisy bar or nightclub and you will agree that an investment in a good insulation becomes essential. Even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood a child playing the piano or drums, or even your own guitar playing can be a problem for your neighbors, so it all comes to a good and effective soundproofing.

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Sound is energy produced by vibrations and this energy has to go somewhere. Sound energy travels with the air and when you open the window, you can hear all the sounds from the street. Closing a window does not always leave all the street noise away, because sound is also able to pass through solid glass and window frames. Yet there are easy ways to soundproof your bedroom and give yourselves the chance to have a peaceful sleep at night. Some people opt for earplugs while others prefer noise machines which make soothing, constant noise and distract them form the bothering sounds penetrating in the bedroom.


How to soundproof a bedroom – soundproof and acoustic tile ideas


Many DIY insulation projects will give you creative ideas how to soundproof a bedroom. However, as much as it sounds like a simple task, effective soundproofing can be a challenge. Acoustic tiles and acoustic panels can solve the problem with soundproofing your bedroom very quickly. The market offers many acoustic tile options and you can find them in a wide variety of color choices. Acoustic tiles and acoustic wall panels are installed quickly and easily and you can fix them to the walls or the ceiling. The advantages of acoustic tiles and acoustic wall panels are many – they do not fade, do not crumble and have very good moisture resistant properties as well. They come in different textures, thickness, density and some acoustic tiles offer up to 80 percent noise reduction and sound absorption. Lightweight and fireproof, acoustic tiles and acoustic wall panels offer excellent decorative properties and will add to the original bedroom decor.


How to soundproof a bedroom – window treatment and wall panel ideas


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When it comes to the question how to soundproof a bedroom you can start with easy window treatment ideas which will help you block the noise coming from the outside. Soundproof curtains will be a good idea as they are made of heavy fabric, usually molton, but you can opt for other fabrics like velvet or wool. Velvet absorbs sounds in a great way and, in addition, velvet curtains will add a lot of style to your bedroom decor and make the bedroom look elegant and nice.

Another window treatment option to soundproof a bedroom is to choose acoustic windows which are specially designed and glazed in order to block traffic noise or other noises coming from the street. Just like soundproof curtains, acoustic windows can reduce your energy bills as they significantly improve the insulation and keep the heat (cold) inside the room.

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Wall panels are a great way to soundproof your bedroom. Tufted wall panels or padded wall panels – you can choose any type depending on your personal taste and overall interior design. Such wall panels are very efficient when it comes to noise blocking as they are an additional barrier to sound waves and in addition, they look especially elegant and stylish. They can be a beautiful accent in the bedroom and enhance the decor style as well. Plush, velvet, silk, leather – the upholstery options are quite many. A great advantage of padded wall panels is that they are installed very easily and besides being a good method to soundproof your bedroom, you can give a new and fresh look to the room.

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One more easy and creative idea to soundproof your bedroom is to hang a heavy curtain from the ceiling. A ceiling-mounted drape on one wall can be a dramatic accent in the room but behind the look, it is an easy and efficient way to insulate the bedroom from the noises coming from the next door apartment or the kids’ bedroom.


How to soundproof a bedroom – wood and cork wall and floor tiles


Cork coverings – cork wall tiles and cork floor tiles – are one of the great ways to soundproof a bedroom. Cork is a natural material that offers many advantages and comes in a wide variety of styles, patterns and shades which makes it a versatile material. Cork tiles can be used in any interior style and will compliment any decor. Cork tiles are durable, safe, resistant to mold and mildew, fire-resistant, practical, aesthetically versatile and most important – relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The great insulating properties of cork make these tiles an excellent solution for bedroom flooring or wall insulation.


Another way to soundproof your bedroom is to use a suitable wall cladding. We mentioned that cork is one of the possibilities. Wood wall cladding is another one as wood breaks up the energy of sound waves. You can choose from many design options – wood blocks, wood wall panels, wood wall cladding and of course, wood flooring. Without any doubt, wood offers an incredible visual appeal, richness and elegance of the interior design, warm ambience and very good insulating and soundproofing properties. Wood is a material that works with any design style – from rustic to contemporary – and being a natural material, it is also eco-friendly and beneficial to human health. Wood comes in so many varieties, grain patterns, shades that you can have a beautiful and practical, in terms of soundproofing, accent wall in the bedroom.


How to soundproof a bedroom – creative ideas for the floor of the bedroom


As you see – there are many answers to the question how to soundproof a bedroom. We looked at different options to soundproof the walls and the windows, but we need to look at the floor options as well. Floor soundproofing solutions can be different depending on the type of flooring. Some bedrooms have solid wood flooring, others – tile flooring, concrete flooring or some other type of flooring. Noise travels and enters the bedroom so soundproofing the floor is a wise idea. A carpet is a good solution but sometimes not good enough. What to do in such cases?


One of the easy ways to soundproof the bedroom floor is to place a thick pad underneath your carpet. The thicker the pad, the better noise reduction and even if you only have area rugs, having an additional floor mat beneath them will significantly reduce the noise.

A more expensive and laborious way to soundproof the bedroom floor is to remove the existing flooring and install cork, foam or rubber layer as a subflooring. Foam is the least expensive option but those who prefer natural materials should consider cork. After you have installed a new subfloor you have to install your flooring. Which option is suitable for your bedroom is a matter of personal preferences, budget and of course, the level of noise that penetrates into the bedroom.


How to soundproof a bedroom – soundproof your door


Many people do not realize that a soundproof door will significantly reduce and block the noise. Door openings are the largest ones and you need to pay a special attention to the bedroom door. Most interior doors are hollow and very ineffective at blocking sound. An easy, quick and affordable way to soundproof the bedroom door is to use self-adhesive high-density foam tape or soundproof tape. It is sold in rolls and can be found in almost any craft store. You can mount a wood or rubber strip at the bottom of the door and create an additional barrier to the sound waves.

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You can replace a hollow core interior door with a solid core door, the thickest you can find, and create an efficient soundproofing of the bedroom. Another way to soundproof the door of the bedroom is to upholster it. For example a door upholstered with leather not only looks good, but also has very good insulating and soundproofing properties.


How to soundproof a bedroom – wall mounted bookshelves


Installing wall mounted bookshelves is another easy and creative way to soundproof a bedroom. You can take advantage of the additional storage, and if possible, do not hesitate to install storage cabinets or bookshelves as they also act as wall soundproofing.







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