Acoustic ceiling tiles – what do you need to know about them?

by Kremy

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What are acoustic ceiling tiles? How to choose them? What types of acoustic tiles are best for our home? What are their advantages and drawbacks?

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We shall try to give an answer to all these questions and help you with inspiring ideas for your ceiling design.

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Acoustic ceiling tiles are a soundproof type covering installed in rooms with a high level of noise or public areas like restaurants, offices, etc.

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They absorb the noise and provide a comfortable environment both in the room they are installed and in the neighbouring premises.

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Acoustic ceiling tile designs come in two main varieties – permanent and drop coveringss. Drop ceiling tiles are easier to maintain and care for, easier to repair or replace, if needed.

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These ceiling tiles can be made of different materials which are quite different from the materials for the usual panels.

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Due to the specific character of the acoustic tiles – to prevent sounds from one room going into another and reducing the echo in empty rooms – they are made of fibrous materials, wood or cork, plaster , fiberglass and rarely from metal.

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 When choosing acoustic ceiling tile designs you have to know exactly what the purpose of the room is.

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Such tiles are ideal for creating a soundproof ceiling and will help you to control the noise levels.

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Modern ceiling tiles are offered in a wide variety of designs, colors and textures and you have the choice from traditional ones to modern decorative patterns and acoustic panels with a great visual appeal.

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One of the disadvantages of acoustic tiles is that they are not waterproof, although resistant to certain levels of humidity. The good thing is that they are easily replaced.

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