How to wear a cardigan in fall & create layered outfits: This is how you can wear your summer clothes even in the cold

by Kremy

Cardigans are multifunctional. Whether short, wrapped, embellished or patterned, they are undoubtedly one of the most exciting pieces of clothing that should take a proud place in your fall/winter wardrobe. This article gives you tips on how to wear a cardigan in fall and combine it in different outfits. We also reveal some fashion tricks on how to create layered outfits and wear your summer dresses this season too.

How to wear a cardigan in fall?

How to wear a cardigan in fall and create layered outfits tips

Cardigans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can find them in any store and they are easy to style. You can wear them over a dress, with jeans or even with shorts. Get inspired by these ideas on how to wear cardigans in fall.

Favorite Fall Look – Aztec cardigan with leggings & boots

fall look Aztec cardigan with leggings and boots


The fall combo of a cardigan, tights, boots and a nice shirt is something that happens regularly at this time of year. A lot of advice today focuses on styling an oversized cardigan with tights/leggings. Here is the first thing to consider when wearing large sweaters. The bottom half of your outfit needs to be figure hugging. The more clothing/fabric you wear on top, the less clothing you need underneath to balance the outfit.

The next piece of the outfit puzzle is boots. You can really wear any style and color of boots, but make sure that they are more casual. Since this is a casual and classic look, don’t wear high patent leather boots. You can wear boots with a lower heel in black, brown or even taupe. Just make sure that the boots go well with the cardigan you are wearing.

The last essential element to complete the look is the shirt. We recommend a simple, solid color shirt. Stay away from lace, chiffon, ruffles, or anything that would make the outfit overwhelming. This is a casual and classic fall outfit, and we want to keep it that way. If you want to add color, the shirt is the perfect place to do it.

How to wear a cardigan in fall – Combine it with a blazer

Combine a cardigan with a blazer in the fall

Go for a slightly longer blazer, leave the buttons open, and pair it with trousers, a cardigan, and a scarf in a fall color for the perfect layered

Wear an oversized cardigan with a skirt

An oversized cardigan with skirt ensures a great autumn look

Some may hesitate to pair a longer cardigan with a shorter skirt, but as you can see, it works perfectly. Pair a neutral suede skirt with knee high suede boots, a friendly V-neck T-shirt with an oversized cardigan. For colder days, swap the t-shirt for a turtleneck.

Combo Set + High Waist Jeans

combine a pink cardigan with jeans for a colorful look

This pink hue is so on-trend you’ll want to wear two of them. With a worn pair of jeans, the eye-catching outfit looks much more casual.

Cardigan + midi dress + boots


Styling Notes: It’s fall, but that doesn’t mean you have to indulge in the dark and moody colors. Take a cue from this look and choose a cardigan in a bright color.

Cardigan as a top + leather pants

Cardigans can easily be worn as a top

Cardigans can easily be worn as a top (so chic). Pair them with leather pants to pick up one of the season’s biggest trends while you’re at it.

Tip: Always opt for a cardigan as outerwear instead of a puffer jacket on chilly fall days. It gives more elegance and shape to your silhouette. Unlike the puffer jacket, where the shapes are disproportionate.

Combine jeans + chunky boots + cardigan in fall

If you are in a hurry combine a cardigan with jeans and chunky boots in fall

If you are in a hurry, combine a cardigan with jeans in the fall. This is always a good choice. It’s even prettier when you add a pair of chunky boots to spice up the look.

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Layered outfits: How to stay warm in a dress even in the fall

Layered outfits how to stay warm even in autumn in a dress

Sure, putting on a dress in the morning when the temperatures drop isn’t as easy, but that doesn’t mean you have to store your maxis until spring. With the help of a few reliable base layers, you can wear all the summer clothes you love. Check out a few simple ways you can put together layered outfits.

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With a Knit Crew Neck Sweater: If you’re not ready to part with your sheer dresses just yet, follow the example of this fashionista who styled a dress under a sweater. Elegant boots and a trendy bag make the look even more contemporary.

Turtleneck is perfect to put over in fall

With a cozy turtleneck: The most versatile piece of clothing to have in your fall arsenal is a turtleneck, which is perfect for layering. If you’re looking for a piece that will never disappoint, invest in a cozy piece and wear it under dresses, blazers and jumpsuits.

Create layered outfits how to wear your summer clothes in the cold months

With Tailored Pants: Pair shorter skirts with tailored pants to keep them on trend. Comfortable ballet flats complete the look without sacrificing comfort.

you can put together great layered outfits

With Monochrome Layers: Wear the universal color from head to toe for a unified look.

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