Low Waist Crop Top: How to Wear It with Style to Look Like a Real Goddess?

by Kremy

There was a time, long ago, when low cut jeans and crop tops ruled the world and Britney was our fashion icon. Then came pencil skirts, bohemian-style dresses, mustache prints on t-shirts and extra wide belts around the waist. And we felt lost. Until we started reviving old trends a few years ago. The 90s and 00s were very special decades where fashion came in all forms. The 90s were the grunge decade when baggy jeans, Converse, straight, untidy hair and black fingernails were the norm. Then, the transition to the 2000s was not so smooth. For a few years, a futuristic cybernetic fad popped up out of nowhere. Look at Michael and Janet Jackson’s Scream video for reference. And then… Pure happiness! The low waist crop top, skirts, big sunglasses and wacky hairstyles, Elle Woods and Christina Aguilera made their appearance… And it was glorious!

How to Wear the Low Waist Crop Top?

fashion trend 2022 women

You might be thinking, “Damn, I thought that freak show was already over!” Why is it back? “. And we understand that. Indeed, the early and late 2000s were marked by fat-shaming, the cover-up of eating disorders, and the obsession with being the thinnest.

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And low waist crop tops were reserved for these people only, causing others to starve themselves to match the fashion standard. Which is quite sad. But fortunately, we live in different times and the body-positive movement is stronger than ever.

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We wear what we want and we look fabulous because we feel it! By the way, if you want to follow the 2022 fashion trend, influenced by Y2K, you are welcome! We hope to inspire you and make you at least a little nostalgic for the fashion of the year 2000.


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If you follow the 2022 sportswear trends, you already know that sports bras are worn as everyday wear. Casual and very daring, while being very comfortable, we can only follow this trend.

how to wear a crop top when you have a tummy

But it’s not just low-rise jeans! J-Lo looks great in her cargo pants, which are perfect for curvier girls wondering, “how do you wear a crop top when you have a belly?.


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Bella Hadid is our fashion superstar and we can’t help but be swayed by her flawless looks every time! Like the chameleon, she can make any garment trendy! You probably thought that the hipster crop top outfit was only casual? But not at all! In fact, it’s an ideal set for going out, even to a fancy bar or club. We must say that it is quite original and you need a lot of self-confidence to wear it well! Fortunately, autumn is coming, we can match it with a classy jacket!

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Our dear Julia Fox combined her trendy sportswear ensemble with a grunge leather jacket and denim skirt. To top it all, she chose leather gloves and bold makeup that makes her look like a mysterious seductress straight out of a Tarantino movie. We love the look!


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Bella Hadid is once again causing a sensation with a trendy outfit! The ensemble curiously copies the transition period between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 00s that we have spoken about. Her big glasses, wide pants, slicked back hair, white crop top and black jacket are reminiscent of that era. She is the quintessence of the futuristic, yet relaxed look of the early 2000s!

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The asymmetrical cold-shoulder top is very trendy right now. In general, this type of clothing item flatters everyone, but especially girls with rounded shapes! The bare shoulder exudes sensuality and the dressed shoulder balance. There’s a hint of mystery and a lot of style mixed in here! Also, because fall is fast approaching and the weather will be uncertain… This will be the perfect choice of crop top to go with low waist jeans or a low waist skirt!

Photo Gallery: How to Wear a Low Waist Crop Top This Summer?

bella hadid street style 2022

Low-Waist Crop Top: Kendall Jenner looks stunning in her laid-back ensemble.

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Trendy street wear 2022: Get the look that is a hit this year!

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Gwen Stefani has never given up on low rise jeans and a crop top!

how to wear low waist jeans

Hipster Crop Top: Britney has embraced the look and it looks like she’ll be wearing it her whole life!

Low Waist Crop Top

Skirt trend 2022 summer: take advantage of the last hot month to look fabulous!

Crop Top Low Waist skirt

What to wear the crop top with? Well, you already know!

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