How to wear sock boots – the must-have chic shoes for winter 2022-2023

by Kremy

If you’re like me, you approach new fashion trends in three distinct stages. First – the interest, when the new color, new hem length, or new item catches your eye. Next is anxiety, when you look at the trend from afar, but are paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong. And finally, there is the moment of resolution, when, filled with apprehension, you finally decide to give it a try. I am at this last stage with the sock boots. Their presence on Instagram and in all the shop windows I come across for this season has challenged me and I’m already ready to buy a pair. The problem is I still don’t know how I’m supposed to wear sock boots and feel confident I’m doing it right. To save myself from failure, I did a lot of research on fashion blogs and I think I found some basic rules. In fact, I now think sock boots might just become my favorite winter shoe. I’ll tell you why.

How to wear sock boots?

how to wear sock boots with heels

What’s great about the sock boot is its versatility. The other advantage is that it is universally flattering because it hugs the legs. It’s a way to add a touch of fashion, without feeling like you’re stepping over the wall. These modern winter shoes 2022-2023 are flexible and go very well with skirts, dresses and pants, and can be worn at work, in the evening or simply on the street. However, there is a right way to embrace this trend and I share some tips to ensure you get the most out of your ankle boots.

With pants

how to wear cargo pants with sock boots


In fact, sock boots look great with cropped, skinny or flared pants – in fact, with all types, even cargo pants. whether or not to tuck the pants into the boots, know that you should only do this if there’s no bulk at the bottom of the pants – so only if you have chosen a tight model whose hem is perfectly adapted to your size. Otherwise, it is better not to tuck the pants. With the sock adding length, to achieve the leg-lengthening effect, the key is knowing how much skin to show and where.

how to wear black sock boots winter 2022

A good rule of thumb is to make sure the hem of your cropped pants ends at least three fingers above the top of your boots – or well below. If you feel like the gap is smaller or you’re just meeting, it’s better to opt for longer boots or shorter pants. Have fun with it. This is my recommendation.

With a skirt or a dress

how to wear sock boots with a dress winter 2022

The great thing about the sock boot is that it goes with so many looks with dresses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mid-length dress or a mini dress. Sock boots are also perfect for the winter-spring transition, with a boho chic dress with sleeves and can be the perfect shoes when it’s cold outside and you risk freezing your toes if you wear sandals or open heels.

combine sock boots with mini skirt winter 2022 2023

Lastly, if you’re considering wearing your sock boots with tights, make sure they’re not opaque – that would look very heavy. Instead, try fishnets or more transparent pantyhose.

With skinny jeans

skinny jeans with ankle sock boots fall winter 2022 2023

Remember when the internet decided that skinny jeans were out of style? I’m still a big fan of skinny jeans. It’s a wardrobe classic that pairs well with boots. The boots and embellishments of a sweatshirt add glamor to the outfit, while remaining comfortable.

Sock boots: fashion mistakes to avoid

sock boots 2022 2023 fashion mistakes to avoid

When it comes to what not to wear with your sock boots, you have to consider the style you have chosen. They come in all shapes and sizes, from ankle boots to knee high boots.

The first mistake to avoid is to wear sock boots in a color that is too contrasting. I would say with another jewel color, like for example scarlet red shoes with an emerald green dress. If you choose a bold shade anyway, embrace it by dressing tonal or balance it out with neutral shades. It all depends on how important you want your stylish boots to be.

Combine sock boots with a jacket

how to wear sock boots winter 2022 with jacket

A trendy coat goes well with sock boots

how to wear sock boots with coat

Military pants and sock boots are the perfect duo

combine sock boots with military trousers winter 2022

Dare the models of boots with patterns

what color of boots to wear winter 2022 2023

Long socks ankle boots are perfect to wear with a short dress

what skirt to wear with boots winter 2022 2023

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