How to Wear Tartan: 20 Dazzling Outfit Ideas for Women of All Ages

by Kremy

Find out how to wear tartan, how to combine it with other colors and look great in different outfits! If you try to think of some of the most conservative, yet never going out of fashion and always stylish looking fabric patterns, tartan is among the leaders. This iconic pattern easily fits into any closet and is loved by fashionable women of all ages.

How to Wear Tartan and Combine the Pattern in Trendy Outfits?

how to wear tartan 20 dazzling outfit ideas for women of all ages

The history of tartan, the traditions connected with it and the rules accepted by ancient Scottish clans is a subject worthy of a separate article. But we are more interested in the fact that nowadays tartan is back in fashion. If you look around yourself, you’ll immediately notice that everyone wears tartan in different outfits and combinations. Don’t you just love tartan? It speaks of legacy, clans, mystery and even nowadays some of the most famous tartans belong to esteemed families. All tartans without exception have a strong character. The color palette varies, but the most famous tartans, such as the red-green-blue Royal Stewart or the beige-black Burberry, are recognizable precisely for their color.

how to wear tartan and combine the pattern in trendy outfits


You may hear that tartan is a print, but actually, it is not. These colorful geometric combinations are not printed on the fabric, they are achieved by weaving wool threads of different colors. The colors and in what order they will be woven is what determines the pattern of a tartan fabric. There is an official register of tartans with thousands of pattern variations.

What Colors Go Well with Tartan?

what colors go well with tartan

Tartans in deep, dark shades look quite and are suitable for business or formal outfits. Combination of reds, blues, pinks, etc. on white and other bright backgrounds create a contrast that is perfect for casual outfits and informal look. Having said that you should know what colors go well with tartan. Depending on the style of your outfit, there are several options:

Combine Your Tartan with Complementary Colors

royal stewart tartan outfit ideas for women of all ages

Complimentary colors are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. If you have a skirt in Royal Stewart tartan, you can combine it with a shirt or tee in green. Neutral colors like black and white are always a safe choice.

How to Combine Tartans with Analogous Colors?

kate middleton tartan coat black watch pattern


Analogous colors are three colors next to each other on the color wheel. For a chic outfit, look at the main color of your tartan and pair it with shades from the analogous scheme. For example, the Black watch tartan combines royal and dark blues with green, so you can just repeat any of the colors to style your tartan outfit.

Eclectic Style Outfits

eclectic style tartan outfits

Now, if you are a fan of bold and eye-catching eclectic outfits, you can combine your tartan with any color or pattern – geometric, floral, etc., that you like.

How to Wear Tartan – Outfits and Accessories Ideas

how to wear tartan outfits and accessories ideas

Tartan can be styled in numerous ways and in almost any style. Do you need an office outfit or something to wear while running errands? Those who prefer more conservative approach can wear tartan as an accent to their outfit – a bag, scarf, shawl, even shoes. Look at the inspiring ideas in the photo gallery and choose your look!

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Play with Contrasts

combine tartan with another plaid or a completely different print

Combine tartan with another plaid or a completely different print – floral, animal, abstract, etc. You can choose a tartan coat, jeans and shoes and a shirt. Or wear pants and shirt, but in different shades.

Tartan Suit

chic outfits for women tartan suit

For a chic outfit, choose a basic shirt or blouse. Combine with pumps or trendy high heel boots, an elegant handbag and your classy outfit is ready!

Combine Tartan with Denim for a Casual Outfit

how to wear tartsn casual outfits with denim jacket or jeans

You have different options – wear tartan pants, top and denim jacket like Gig Hadid or pair a tartan shirt with jeans. Either way, the combo is super comfortable and you can go for a walk, studying or having lunch with friends.

Tartan Skirt Outfits

how to wear tartan skirt outfits

Tartan skirts are always eye-catching regardless of the model: it can be a mini, a pencil skirt or a maxi skirt. It looks best with a solid color top: sweater, cardigan, turtleneck or shirt.

skirt suit

If you need an office style outfit, it is better to choose restrained, conservative colors. For a casual outfit bright red, blue green or other colors will help you assemble a street style, casual or casual chic outfits.

Street Style Outfits for Women of All Ages – A Tartan Blazer

street style outfits for women of all ages a tartan blazer

One of the win-win options is a tartan blazer. Combine it with black skinny trousers or a skirt, as well as with a plain top -a black turtleneck or a white blouse, for example.

Tartan Shoes and Accessories

tartan accessories

Perfect in every way – scarves, bags or shoes will add a twist to any outfit.

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