Interior design with hanging planters and flower pots

by Kremy

crative design floating house plants metal vessels by Gabriella Asztalos

In an era where we live increasingly in small homes, hanging planters will bring the freshness of our garden indoors. These elegant alternative, ergonomic and modern recipients give a special charm to any interior. Here you will find some wonderful suggestions for plants that bring life into the home space. From DIY projects to exotic creations of renowned designers, there are ideas for all tastes.

Hanging planters: DIY projects and simple crafts

modern home interior design ideas hanging planters glass bubble collection


The photos show a DIY project which is extremely easy. You will need just a shampoo cap (or any other oval container), appropriate plants, nails and a rope to hang the recipients from the ceiling. This particularly attractive form of home landscaping is growing in popularity. Hanging planters define the living space and can be used as a partition. Innovative and modern solutions such as high quality vertical plant walls provide a significant environmental improvement and further add visual accents in the interior. Those who can not afford a designer’s piece, could make one with quite inexpensive materials and attractive flower.

Hanging Planters – design suggestions

Green wall living plants partition idea indoor garden vertical boards

There are hanging  planters designs for every taste, which allow unique arrangements. There are species of room plants which can grow upside down from the ceiling and allow even the smallest rooms to cultivate plants. Some designer pots are virtually mounted on the ceiling and can be watered from above. You will see in the gallery below some very clever solutions which accentuate the style of the interior and look really stylish.

contemporary living space interior design glass hanging planters idea

The classic way to decorate our homes with plants is to use them individually or to organize them in groups and create a small green area. You can use different plants but always remember that each plant species has different needs. Most indoor plants are decorative throughout the year, while others bloom only during a particular season, such as cyclamen and poinsettia. If you want your plants to thrive, you need to grow them properly in the right type of container and provide suitable and favorable conditions. Enjoy our exclusive range of planters that are ideal for a contemporary living room.

Easy DIY hanging planters idea

creative interior design ideas hanging planters glass strings flowers lights


  Upside down suspension pots

Interesting hanging flower pots ideas Michael McDowell's indoor plants

Mural plant pots are inexpensive and very practical alternative

home gardening hanging planters ideas porcelain flower pots leather strings

 Such recipents are a beautiful interior accent

Indoor gardening ceramic wall vessels for plant cultivation by Shane Powers

Decorating ideas with planted sea urchins

Sea urchin as hanging planters wall decoration with green plants

Eco-friendly ideas for plants at home

hanging planters indoor garden ideas vertical wall

 Garden fence with containers – patio decoration idea

Garden fence ideas oval hanging planters mounted on garden fence

 Beautiful decoration idea

DYI planters ideas beautifully planted colored eggshell holiday interior decoration ideas

 Suspended vessels

DIY modern pendant planters ideas creative interior accents

Creative flower pots made of test tubes

DIY hanging planters modern form test tube leather strings

DIY white ceramic pots leather strings home decor

DIY flower pots jam glass jars Mason ideas

creative interior ideas house plants walnut wall vessels indoor garden cacti

creative ideas innovative modern planters Golly pods

beautiful interior solutions by Michael McDowell

contemporary interior accents glass globe flower pots air plants

original apartment interior with cotton rope flowers

apartment garden ideas flower pots colorful retro style by Boskke


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