25 fantastic kitchen backsplash ideas for a modern home interior

by Kremy

kitchen backsplash tiles ideas glass waves motif

All of us at some point either design a new kitchen or face the problem of remodeling an old one. And here comes the question – how to choose from all the kitchen backsplash ideas?

modern kitchen ideas green backsplash white cabinets


If you want to have a modern kitchen or just update the one that you already have it is necessary to think a bit in advance what is it that would make you feel comfortable. There are so many kitchen backsplash ideas to choose from and if you like cooking you definitely know the disadvantages of your old tiles. It is an easy task to give one kitchen a modern shine by using contemporary materials like glass tiles or a whole piece of glass backspash in a colour which will add a modern accent to your space. For creating a more natural or rustic design – consider using marble or stone tiles in earthy tones.

kitchen remodel ideas for backsplash golden tiles

When choosing your backsplash you need to consider your existing home decor. Having a rustic design kitchen in a modern minimalist home would look a bit weird. It is up to your personal taste whether you will go for a backsplash from wall to wall or only above the cooktop. It must complement your cabinetry, countertops and color theme. Tiles are never out of fashion – they stand up for many years and are easy to clean. Consider the texture of the material you like too. Rougher finishing gives a more casual feeling while shiny surfaces add elegance or a contemporary feeling. Look at the amazing ideas for a kitchen backlash design in the gallery below and find the one that suits your taste.

 modern kitchen design ideas cobblestone backsplash

The options are numerous as you could double the effect of your granite countertops and use a granite slab or granite tiles for your backsplash. Copper backsplashes add a great charm and character to the interior and are suitable for both rustic and modern designs. Natural wood is the perfect choice for those who want to add warmth to the atmosphere of the room. A stylish and modern kitchen will benefit from the combination of natural stone and stainless steel appliances. Depending on the desired effect you can choose a material that will blend with the overall kitchen design or stand out as a color accent or an accent wall.

contemporary kitchen backsplash ideas

contemporary kitchen design brown and blue backsplash

contemporary kitchen design ideas glass backsplash red

contemporary kitchen design ideas marble backsplash

contemporary kitchen design ideas metal backsplash

fantastic kitchen backsplash ideas wooden countertop

backsplash for kitchen ideas natura stone stainless steel

ideas for marble tiles neutral colours

kitchen backsplash tiles black graphic wave

glass backsplash in neutral grey

tiles ideas copper and grey

glass tiles multicoloured

modern backsplash ideas moonstone



backsplash tiles ideas for kitchen cobbled stones

modern white and grey kitchen with grey backsplash

mosaic glass tiles

silver backsplash tiles design black kitchen cabinets

white kitchen fantastic backsplash tiles design

white kitchen cabinets backsplash tiles design ideas

modern tiles ideas grey

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