The 20 Best Landscape Edging Options for an Amazing Garden

by Kristiyana

Nothing better than enjoying the fine spring weather outside, marvelling at your garden and smelling in the blooms. Not matter if you are growing vegetable crops, seasonal plants or flowers, every garden needs proper edging in order to look complete. Deciding to skip this part will result in a bare and unfinished look for your garden. And we don’t want that now, do we? Here you can find the 20 best landscape edging options depending on your personal needs.

The Best Landscape Edging Options

inexpensive garden edging ideas rubber

Up first, we have a landscape edging idea made from recycled rubber, which would be perfect for a garden that requires a detailed lawn edge. While the recycled rubber option might not be that cheap, it is UV resistant and is lawnmower and strimmer proof. Plus, you will be doing a favour to mother nature with this choice.

What Is the Best Low Maintenance Edging?

If you are looking for a landscape or garden edging that is easy to maintain, strive for a stone, brick, concrete or steel option. Each of these designs are long-lasting and sufficient. Before installing them, make sure you have come up with a plan for proper watering and drainage.

Landscape Edging with Bricks

brick landscape edging options


Are you in need of inexpensive garden edging ideas? Then bricks is the way to go! Brick edging is a classic option chosen by many gardeners. They are easy to come by and if you want to get the best look for your garden beds, make sure you push them tightly together. This will minimize the space between each brick and create a finished look.

Flexible Edging for Your Garden

flexible edging

This flexible landscape edging is made from recycled car tyres and has a beautiful scroll design pattern that would look great in any type of garden. It’s also super easy to install, as you just need to lay it on a flat surface and use a hammer to knock the pins into the ground. The product can be bent to create circles and curves, and it’s eco-friendly.

Landscape Edging Options: Flagstone

flagstone landscape edging

Flagstones can come in many different shades and types of thickness. Pick the ones you think will fit your garden best and set the flat pieces along the edge. If you are going for the country garden look, you can stack them. Flagstone might not be the cheapest option, but it surely gives your garden a classic look.

Best Landscape Edging for Gravel

best landscape edging for gravel

Gravel is another timeless option that many gardeners pick for landscape edging. When it comes to larger gravel stones, it’s best to use them in bigger gardens and around wide or long flowerbeds. For fine gravel stones, they look best when they are spread around smaller gardens or around features like ponds, patios, and statues.

Sufficient Edging: Concrete Pavers

paver landscape edging options

Concrete pavers are one of the most long-lasting landscape edging options. But before you start to install them, be informed that the process is quite time-consuming, and they are heavy to handle. You will need to plan a few days for heavy carrying and digging. With concrete pavers you can create paths, or just use them for edging garden beds.

Stone Rock Landscape Edging Options

which landscape edging is best stone rocks option

If you want to create a natural and beautiful look for your garden, opt for mixing and matching various stone rock shapes and colours to create your garden edging. You can get creative and make different patterns for an intricate and unique look. Fill in the spaces between the rocks with dirt, sand, or pebbles.

Easy Shovel Landscape Edging Idea

diy garden edging with shovel

Looking for budget-friendly landscape edging options that are also easy to install? Then shovel edging is just for you. You can use an edging shovel, electric edger or spade to cut away the grass and then create a sharp garden edge. This will keep the grass from going into your flower beds or crops. Pretty simple, right?

Precast Concrete Garden Edging Design

precast concrete edging options

Precast concrete is one of the best options for landscape edging if you are looking for a sufficient and long-lasting design. This option will ease your mowing, and the different heights of concrete will add interest to your garden. You can choose to create an uneven landscape or a smooth slope.

Flower Bed Edging Ideas: Railway Sleepers

landscape edging options with railway sleepers

Personally, I think railway sleepers are one of the best landscape edging options, as you can use them for multiple purposes. With railway sleepers, you create edgings for your flowerbeds, lawns, benches, tables, etc. This design can suit any garden, whether it has a classic or modern look. Also, you have many options when it comes to picking out the size and finish of railway sleepers.

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More Inspirational Landscape Edging Options

decorative landscape edging

Amazing glow-in-the-dark pebbles landscaping idea

glow in the dark stones for garden edging

Full log effect idea for edging your garden

full log effect garden edging

DIY poured concrete landscape edging

diy garden edging ideas poured concrete

Beautiful rope top terracotta garden edging

rope top terracota landcape edging

Landscape edging options: Gabion

gabion landscaping

Steel edging for a long-lasting option

best landscape edging steel

Stylish cobblestone garden edging design

cobblestone garden edging

Eco-friendly bamboo landscape edging option

bamboo landscape edging option

Beautiful rope lights landscape edging

rope lights landscape edging idea


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