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Laura Ashley cushions Bronze Luxe collection home decor

What gives a better feeling of coziness and comfort in the bedroom or in the living room than a few soft cushions? There are decorative cushions and there are Laura Ashley cushions. There are very few designers who create not just an item, a piece of furniture, a design, but a whole easily recognizable style. In the world of interior design Laura Ashley is recognized for fabrics, clothing, bedding, wallpaper, cookware, furniture and household items in the style of an English Victorian farmhouse. The style creates a home which is not only stylish and elegant, so much more than just a comfortable home, but a whole philosophy and lifestyle.

Laura Ashley cushions – add style to the home

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Laura Ashley cushions like all the products created by the company are designed to complete the interior, to add the final touches and complete the appearance of a welcoming, comfortable and cozy home. This is the main purpose of the brand – to offer complete interior line styles where each separate element of the decor works in perfect harmony of colors, patterns and styles. The warmth, the comfort, the refinement create the unique English style which made the company famous and respected worldwide. These characteristics can be seen in every item – whether it is decorative pillows, bedding, mats, rugs, lamps, wallpaper, curtains, curtain valance styles, paint or furniture. The unique fabrics of Laura Ashley are produced in the factories of the company and some of the most remarkable colors and patterns created in the 1970s remain popular even nowadays. It is not a surprise that the products of Laura Ashley are sold in more than 650 stores worldwide.

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When people use the words “elegance”, “refinement”, “sophistication”, you can be more than certain that they describe the Laura Ashley style. The British Embassy in Washington, DC is decorated by the designers of the brand as well as on of the royal bedrooms in Balmoral Castle, so if you said the style is royal, this will not be incorrect. Would you refuse a few royal accents in the interior of your home?

Laura Ashley cushions – a good choice for any room in the home

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Nowadays, using textiles in the interior – curtains, bedding, cushions, rugs, tablecloths, etc. is exceptionally popular as they can add coziness, drama, an accent, a focal point – you name it. Leading fashion designers are seriously engaged in designing and manufacturing textiles for the interior and many new fabrics appeared on the market. Of course, traditional fabrics like velvet, twill, tweed, linen, satin, silk taffeta, organza are never out of fashion but fabrics with metallic sheen, perforated fabrics, fabrics with avant-garde patterns and colors also have their place.

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Many people start searching for the best textiles when they have completed the rough stage of home renovation, painted the walls and bought the furniture. This is the more difficult approach. Interior design is a symbiosis of different elements that work together to form a final result which reflects the individuality of the homeowner, his taste and lifestyle. When you have a complete vision in your head, then it is much more likely that you will have a harmonious and pleasing interior. A major advantage of Laura Ashley cushions is the fact that they are designed as an element of every collection, as well as individual models which work with the main color themes of the seasonal collections. And the best of all is that you could combine the decorative pillows from different collections without any problem.

How to use Laura Ashley cushions in the interior design of our home

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One very common mistake that people make when they choose decorative pillows for their homes is that they try to find options in a color, corresponding to the bedspread or upholstery color. It is a fact that many sellers advise such options and offer pillows in the same color and material as the armchair or sofa upholstery. Well, if you want a monochrome look, this is fine, but when you want to create a vivid and expressive interior, that is not an option. Many interior designers will tell you that decorative pillows are never too much, and the temptation to get as many of Laura Ashley cushions as possible is known to many customers. They look so beautiful and inviting that one just wants to have them all. When you need to add bright color accents or give the room a homey and cozy look – these cushions are the perfect choice.

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Where to place them? Everywhere! In the bed in the bedroom, on the sofa in the living room, reclining chairs, outdoors, beside the fireplace, even on the floor. You can choose the material of your cushions to match the overall style of the room – for example a romantic bedroom will only benefit from fluffy pillows, and silk and satin in the magnificent pastel colors of Laura Ashley will enhance the romantic atmosphere. If you want to add a feeling of intimacy and sensuality, soft velvets in deep rich colors will help you in the task. Do not be afraid to combine different sizes and shapes. This is the way to express your taste and style.

Why choose Laura Ashley cushions?

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Beautiful decorative pillows are more than just a stylish decor element in the interior of your home. This is a way to emphasize the essential elements in the design. We refer to the pillows as “decorative” but they have more functions than being just an accessory. Laura Ashley cushions are offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: large, small, elongated, round, etc. All kinds of colorful patterns with prints of flowers, birds and leaves are appreciated by millions of people around the world. The filling of the cushions is mainly geese and ducks’ feathers and the natural fillers make Laura Ashley cushions incredibly soft. An optional hypoallergenic filling is also available to those who have allergies to feather.

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Laura Ashley cushions interior design ideas home decor

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Laura Ashley cushions ideas floral pattern living room decorating ideas

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Laura Ashley cushions home decor stylish interior design

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