Laura Ashley curtains – the finishing touch to every elegant interior

by Kremy

laura ashley curtains designs living room decorating ideas white wall paint

It is hard to imagine a cozy living room without curtains. Very few people nowadays think that curtains are just a window treatment and Laura Ashley curtains are a proof how curtains play a major role in the interior design of any room. They can increase or decrease the size of a room, they can set the mood, the atmosphere and the appearance in the living room, the bedroom or in the children’s room. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes – short and long, from inexpensive or luxury fabrics but they are an element of the interior design which has a great power so the right choice of window curtains is very important.


Laura Ashley curtains – complete the stylish interior design of your home


laura ashley curtains striped-pattern living room decorating ideas red armchairs


When you want to complete the appearance of the interior design of your home, Laura Ashley curtains will be a good choice because you have the opportunity to use the fantastic designs of curtains and different types of valances as a window decoration which is the focal point of the room or blend them in the overall color scheme of the interior. In the gallery below you will see elegant Laura Ashley interiors featuring different collections and different ways to accent on a certain element and bring out one or another as a focal point.

laura ashley curtains collection 2015 spring summer Laura Ashley

There is a saying that if you do not notice the curtains, they are well chosen. As much as this statement is true, it does not reflect the modern lifestyle where fabrics and textiles add color and texture to the interiors. With almost 200 curtain fabrics to choose from, colors shades, prints, patterns the design opportunities are endless. Silk, cotton, linen, embroidery – all these options can adorn your windows and overall design.


Chic and elegant Laura Ashley curtains in stylish interiors


laura ashley curtains designs bronze luxe 2015 collection bedroom decor

When choosing curtains for your home, you need to know that a wrong choice can ruin all the work and the main idea of the design. They have to complement the design of the entire room in terms of color, tone, texture, pattern and the fabric should be selected in such a way that the curtains fit into the interior. With Laura Ashley curtains you can create a feeling of comfort and warmth by using the magnificent bright colors and floral patterns.

laura ashley curtains designs trendy gray bedroom


When you want to create an interior combining sophistication, comfort and high-end atmosphere, the neutral colors are the way to go. One thing is more than certain – Laura Ashley curtains never appear heavy. On the contrary – they add to the incredible lightness in the interior design of Laura Ashley and complement the wallpaper, furniture and accents. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired by the chic interiors created by the legendary brand, the ambassador of the true “English style” – Laura Ashley!


laura ashley curtains window curtain window valance ideas stylish interior

laura ashley curtains living room Laura Ashley interiors

laura ashley curtains living room decorating ideas neutral colors

laura ashley curtains living room decorating ideas blue shades

laura ashley curtains living room curtain ideas Laura Ashley interior

laura ashley curtains floral pattern laura ashley cushions

Laura-Ashley-curtains-floral-shabby chic living room decor

Laura-Ashley-curtains-elegant-interior-design living room decor


Laura-Ashley-curtains-designs-stylish-formal-dining room intrerior


Laura-Ashley-curtains-floral pattern

Laura-Ashley-curtains-designs elegant living room curtains ideas

Laura-Ashley-curtains-designs Casual chic collection living room

Laura-Ashley-curtains-designs amazing grace collection bedroom decorating

Laura-Ashley-curtains-collection living room design

Laura-Ashley-curtains-bedding set cushions



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