Light hardwood floors in interior design – pros and cons

by Kremy

modern living room color scheme light floor and furniture

Light hardwood floors are timeless in interior design. Most often light flooring is used to create modern minimalist or modernist interior concepts. Light floors are also popular in country, shabby chic, Scandinavian, Provencal and rustic style. However, for rooms designed in antique or exotic style, for example Baroque or Rococo, light parquet will not be the most successful solution.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of light hardwood floors in interior design? How to enhance the appeal of your flooring? We shall give you some ideas and examples in the photo gallery below.

Pros and cons of light hardwood floors

modern living room light hardwood floor and white furniture


Leaving aside fashion and trends, light hardwood floors make any room look brighter and more spacious. The colors and shades are universal and can be used for small and large rooms. Thanks to its universal aesthetics, they are also perfect for finishing floors in public buildings.

Light flooring is the right solution for small rooms. It visually expands the space. This is the perfect choice for rooms facing north. The ceiling will look higher if the walls are white. With a minimum of light the floor will add the necessary lighting to the room and it will never look dark and gloomy.

Another advantage of light colors is that they make the interior cozy and inviting. This atmosphere is easily created by beige and white floors. As per psychologists, light colors have a positive effect on the mood, neutralize irritation and relieve an oppressive state, give a feeling of lightness and airiness and add sun to your life, especially in the cold season. After a hard working day you will arrive home and your room in gentle tons will give you a good mood, a cozy atmosphere. You will easily rest and gain strength for the next day.

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Light floors are universal and you can make any color combination. As you know, every detail of the room has its place and purpose. Light colored flooring is unobtrusive. It does not attract the eye and steal the attention. That is one of the main reasons for the great popularity. In addition, such flooring can be combined with almost any environment. With a light floor you will not have problems when choosing furniture. You can use any color scheme – it can be light, dark or bright. With such floor you can realize all your desires and preferences.

Practicality of light colors is huge and floors are not an exception. Dust, footprints from shoes and hair are almost invisible on them. This means that maintenance is exceptionally easy and cleaning every other day is not necessary. This is an important factor, because the natural wood does not like water.

On the downside we can say that light hardwood floors, as fashionable and stylish as they may look, lack solidity and expressiveness. For example, if you choose light oak, it will look much cheaper than a dark hardwood floor, even if it is much more expensive. Light floors with glossy finish often look cheap and most likely will not fit your style.

Light hardwood floors in interior design – color scheme options

light hardwood flooring open plan living room

The general appearance of the room is largely dependent on the color of the wood. It is important that the floor fits into the overall concept of the interior. When designing an interior, it is very important to choose the right colors for walls, ceilings and floors. They can either harmonize or contrast with each other. This allows you to create the most relaxed atmosphere in the room or to focus on individual elements. The choice of color significantly affects the visual perception of space. Therefore, light flooring becomes the best option for small or poorly lit rooms. In addition it looks great in different styles and there is a great choice of colors – white, beige, sandy and light gray shades, etc.

The most popular wood species for manufacturing light hardwood floors are oak, maple, ash and beech. Modern wood processing technology allows manufacturers to introduce and offer a wide variety of light colors. A high-quality floor board retains the shade that it had at the time of purchase for a long time. But, like any material, it is subject to external influences and with time it darkens slightly. The greatest danger to the color of flooring of any shade, dark or light, is direct sunlight. High-quality finishes protect the floor to some extent, but do not exclude changes in shade. This is a consideration that homeowners should keep in mind.

hardwood flooring stain color contemporary house design

We often see modern open plan living space interior designs with light hardwood flooring. There is no doubt that the light flooring gives the impression of purity and integrity, lightness and freedom. Light floor and light walls is a universal combination that will not cause problems with the selection of furniture and accent accessories. Furniture in bright or dark color is perfect for such an interior – this will create a beautiful contrast. You can create eye catching interior designs in the living room, in the kitchen and in the children’s room. Many people choose this option for entryways and corridors, as these areas are usually deprived of natural light and poorly lit.

A light floor is so versatile that it can be combined with almost any door and furniture. It will look great with concrete or exposed brick walls. It is recommended to take into account not so much color compositions as the general style of the room. For example, for modern style or in loft style designs, you can choose dark furniture pieces and doors. Of course, there are many other elements that influence the visual perception of space – carpets, textile, the amount of furniture, the purpose of the room, etc. As we already mentioned, when choosing a shade of the floor, pay attention to the lighting in the room. The number and size of windows and the color temperature of artificial lamps are of importance. If you want to feel more comfortable in a room facing the north side, choose a floor with a warmer tone. If the room is flooded with sun, yellowish shades will seem even brighter.

beautiful hardwood floor in light color in living room

Most homeowners have a general idea for the interior and the atmosphere of the future home. Luckily, the market offers a huge assortment to choose from and everyone can find the flooring that satisfies their taste and personal preferences.



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Light hardwood floors in interior design pros and cons

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