Elevating Your Living Room Design with TV Wall Mounts

by Kremy

When buying a TV, many people don’t think about mounting it. They put it on a cabinet, using the included feet or stand, and that’s it. But compared to the classic method, TV wall mounts have many advantages and can help you elevate your living room design. Let’s talk about them.

Space Saving Living Room Design

tv wall mounts save space

Nowadays we have a TV in every room, even in the kitchen. And if we have to honest, they need a cabinet or a special furniture piece which takes precious floor space which is often a challenge for the living room design. In addition, if you want to add a game console, speakers or other sound equipment, there’s a good chance that all of these will be arranged alongside one of the walls in your living room. Wall mounting solves this problem and allows you to use your furniture for storage, displaying family photos, collections, etc. And most importantly, you can install the TV in the place where you need it, even in small rooms where you haven’t got enough space for a cabinet.

Cable Management

wall mounts for tvs in modern homes

Cable management is another important consideration. Are you tired of all those entangled cables that are so unsightly? Are they always dusty and it is simply impossible to clean them? Yes, that’s a common problem. TV wall mounts can solve the problem. If you put a socket with an antenna in advance, the TV will look stylish and modern, will become part of the interior, and you will finally get rid of all those cables. Most models are equipped with a cable cover, which will help you hide it in an aesthetic way. In addition, you will not bother that small children or pets will have access to the cables. Safety should always be a priority, right?

Functionality of TV Wall Mounts

full motion tv wall mounts are functional and you can rotate them

It is much easier to set your tv in the right position. If it is on a cabinet, the TV is static which is not always convenient. Full motion wall mounts allow you to rotate the TV as you like and you can watch your favorite show or a movie from anywhere in the room.

Living Room Design IdeasPlacement and Height of Your TV

wall mounted tv in arched niche modern home interior ideas

One of the factors that many people don’t take into account when buying a new TV, is the right placement and height. Yes, most people do not even suspect that there are any recommendations on this matter and do not take into account the optimal height. But you need to know that it is recommended that you mount your TV at eye level while seated. Of course, height depends on the size of your TV as well. How to determine the right height? Sit where you are most likely to watch TV and look straight ahead of you. The spot you are looking at should be the center of the TV.

TV Wall Mounts Will Complement Your Décor

living room design ideas accent wall with tv

Is it possible to place a TV in a room without ruining the harmony of the interior? Of course! Don’t let the TV become an ugly black spot in your room. Usually, the TV is an accent element in the living room. You can use it instead of wall art on an empty wall, for example. Another design trick is to hang photos or paintings around it and make it a part of a composition and even place it within a frame. Mount it on an accent wall and make it a part of the interior design in a creative way.


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