Luxury vinyl flooring: What you should know about vinyl floors

by Kremy


Vinyl flooring is well known throughout the world and widely used and lately a distinctive positive trend on the market is a fact and obviously luxury vinyl flooring is becoming popular with customers. Some compare vinyl floors with linoleum, but you should know that these two products have nothing to do with each other.

luxury-vinyl-plank-hallway-decorating-ideas-wood- look-floor


The high quality of luxury vinyl flooring as well as the wide range of decorative designs are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of this type of home flooring. We shall focus on the most important advantages of vinyl flooring so that you have the necessary information when you choose the best type of flooring for your home.


Floor trends: Luxury vinyl flooring with a solid wood look



When we talk about the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring we have to mention its very high resistance. You can enjoy your floor for decades because its hardness is much higher than that of laminate floors, for example. Another very important advantage is the ease of maintenance. Beautiful vinyl floors are anti static and therefore dust is not accumulated. The cleaning is very simple, because no special cleaning or maintenance is needed. All you need is a suitable cloth and warm water.


The major advantages of luxury vinyl flooring



One of the biggest advantages of luxury vinyl flooring is its resistance to moisture and water. In contrast to all types of flooring, vinyl floors are not deformed by the presence of moisture. The installation is very easy, the tiles and planks have an integrated click system similar to laminates. If you wanted to remove your vinyl floor and replace it with another floor cover, it is as simple as the installation. Vinyl flooring is suitable for under floor heating, if you prefer this method of home heating.


Luxury vinyl flooring with various designs to suit all tastes


luxury-vinyl-flooring-plank-wood look color options


The decorative designs of luxury vinyl flooring are different. Most models are similar to parquet floor, as well as laminate flooring. From rustic oak parquet floors to natural stone look this flooring is truly an excellent choice for any home. If you opt for vinyl flooring you will surely never regret your decision!

luxury-vinyl-flooring-color options

luxury-vinyl-flooring-tile-look-kitchen-flooring ideas kitchen floor ideas


loft style living room decor brick wall-luxury-vinyl-flooring












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