DIY Happy New Year cards – creative ideas for seasonal greetings

by Kremy

DIY Happy New Year cards ideas greeting card ideas

When Christmas holidays are over everyone is waiting to welcome the New Year. It is a tradition to send your wishes for luck, good fortune and well being to your family and friends. Some people prefer to send one card for both Christmas and New Year, while others send a separate card for the different occasions. We will show you some creative DIY Happy New Year cards ideas which will be a joy for the sender and the receiver.

DIY Happy New Year cards – decorating ideas

DIY Happy New Year cards easy paper craft ideas


Sometimes people haven’t got the time for DIY Happy New Year cards projects. However there are simple and easy ideas to customize your holiday wishes and add an individual character to the design. You can recycle last year’s cards or find a printable template on the internet. There are so many different templates that everyone will find something to his taste. You can also make party invitations or print out table or menus which will save you time and you will be prepared for the celebrations.

Easy craft ideas

DIY Happy New Year cards paper craft holiday activities

Most of the DIY Happy New Year cards ideas involve simple materials like paper and scissors. Although crafting a card can be time consuming it is a lot of fun. What you need to craft greeting cards is:

  • Cardboard paper in various colors and thicknesses (the typical colors are red, green, silver, gold, dark blue)
  • Glue and scissors
  • A pencil
  • Small stickers with appropriate symbols
  • Glitter
  • Colorful tapes

You can cut Christmas trees, party hats, snowflakes, stars and with the help of glitter you will make your designs really festive.

easy DIY cards ideas

DIY cards paper craft kids crafts


DIY cards paper craft ideas step by step

DIY cards ideas pop up card

how to make paper craft Christmas greetings

DIY red ribbon easy craft

DIY cards paper craft red white colors

DIY paper craft ideas upcycling

DIY pop up card

DIY caper craft holiday crafts

DIY New Year cards paper craft ideas greeting cards

DIY craft ideas christmas greeting cards

Christmas cards

kids craft ideas

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easy paper craft ideas


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