Make Valentine’s Day table decorations and express love with our creative DIY ideas

by Anjelina

Have you planned a romantic breakfast or dinner for your sweetheart? Then not only what you serve is important, but also how you serve it. So the right decoration plays an immense role in creating the right mood and highlighting in the best way what you have prepared with effort and love. Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day at home? Then maybe our ideas for table decorations will come in handy! We have a few that you can implement yourself if you want to decorate the table for dinner or breakfast. Make your own beautiful Valentine’s Day table decorations!

Valentine’s Day table decorations: Cupid’s arrow as a napkin ring

table decorations for Valentine's Day Cupid's arrow as a napkin holder

Whether you want to keep the table decoration in elegant red, seductive Bordeaux or playful pink, Cupid’s arrow will go down really well in any case. This is a napkin ring that you can make yourself in just a few steps. How to make this table decoration for Valentine’s Day, we explain below:

  • You will need:
    Foam rubber or gold leather (or other material)
  • Felt in pink (or other desired color)
  • Thin brass tube (or skewer)
  • Hot glue gun

Making Valentine's Day table decorations to express love Cupid's arrow napkin holder


For the Valentine’s Day table decoration, first cut the fabrics: you need a golden, longer rectangle, two pink triangles for the arrowhead and chevron-like element for the feathering (cut into the sides for the typical feather look). For each arrow you will also need a 6 inches (15 cm) long piece of tube, which you can cut with the help of wire cutters.

how to make Valentine's Day table decorations

Poke two holes through the shorter sides of the golden rectangle and insert the tube through them. Attach the pink elements to the two ends of the tube using the hot glue. Now just fold the napkin and put it through the homemade napkin ring to finish the Valentine’s Day table decoration. Make sure to also check out our article about Valentine’s day decor 2023!

Napkin ring with clothespin

Napkin ring with clothespin DIY idea for Valentine's Day

An even simpler variant for a napkin ring as a table decoration for Valentine’s Day would be to use a clothespin. You can use acrylic paint and then decorate it as you like. Since hearts for Valentine’s Day are of course the classic par excellence, you can also use them as a motif for this purpose. Whether self-cut out of paper or felt or ready-bought and simply glued on, you decide. Just fold the napkins and clamp the napkin holder.

Decorate romantically with a paper table runner

decorate romantically with a black paper table runner

For this Valentine’s table decoration, take black paper and use it as a table runner over a nice tablecloth. Then, place your Valentine’s Day decorations on and simply write with a white pen in the empty spaces around it. Love messages are of course the best choice: “I love you”, “You are my greatest happiness”, “Thank you for existing” or anything you love about your partner.

By the way, we think upside down wine glasses are very original as a Valentine’s table decoration idea. They can turn into interesting candle holders, for example.

white table runner from plain paper written love message xoxo

But table runners can also be in another color. White, for instance, is romantic and modern at the same time. Use some acrylic paint and a brush and write down your messages. To get the look of the photo above, just pick up a small amount of paint and paint over the paper. If you’ve watched Gossip Girl, you’ll also know that the symbols “XOXO” mean nothing more than “kiss.” But you can, of course, come up with something else.

Table decorations with plants for Valentine’s Day

table decorations with plants for Valentine's Day branches hearts

You could make a romantic table decoration yourself with plants, flowers or branches. A great idea is to simply arrange some branches in a beautiful vase and then hang homemade hearts made of paper or felt. Maybe you can also find branches with red berries for this table decoration for Valentine’s Day. Or you can go for artificial ones.

We also really like the idea of decorating for Valentine’s Day with green plants. You arrange some in an oblong tray or a box, then decorate with wire hearts. All you need is a little patience and pliers to bend the wire. Cheap, simple and original decoration at the same time!

Place mat in the shape of a heart

heart shaped placemat adorable idea

You can make a heart-shaped place mat from plain paper as a decoration for the Valentine’s table, which looks especially good on a tablecloth in a light color. You can make it in any color you like. Carefully draw a large heart on plain white paper and cut it out. This heart is now your template for the colored hearts. This way you will be sure that all the hearts will be the same.

coasters for champagne glasses and plates in a shape of a heart

You can make both smaller hearts as Valentine’s Day table decorations and use them as coasters for champagne or wine glasses, or in large format for plates, cups, cutlery and some other things as shown in the example. The heart theme can then be repeated in the treats served, especially if you prepare a decoration for the breakfast – for example, a heart-shaped egg, a heart-shaped decoration on the coffee foam, or confetti scattered around the arrangement.

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