Marble floor and marble tile decor as an accent in the interior

by Kremy

marble tile decor ideas dinng room marble tile accent wall

Marble floors and marble tile decor refine the interior and give your home a classic feel. Natural stone flooring is not only extremely stylish, but also very practical and is a resistant, low maintenance alternative to another classic – hardwood floors and parquet. Whether as a worktop in a minimalist kitchen, as an accent wall in the living room, or as wall and floor design for the bathroom – the material blends harmoniously into modern interiors.

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One of the most popular and traditional application of marble tiles is in the kitchen and bathroom. But the living room can be spiced up with marble tile decor – the material adds an elegant touch, forming delightful contrasts to leather furniture and wooden wall paneling. Perhaps that is why interior designers are happy to use marble slabs – sometimes as a mantel, even as an accent wall in the living room – the natural material is more and more seen in modern home decor. People who want something special can use black and white marble tiles and create a magnificent contrast. Using marble in the interior is a guarantee that the tile decor will attract the attention with its incomparable beauty.

marble tile decor ideas minimalist white kitchen design kitchen island

A marble countertop traditionally enjoys great popularity but the material has some characteristics which classify it among the “soft” and not particularly resistant stones – marble is susceptible to scratching, liquids leave stains. When used as a countertop, the proper care is crucial for the long life and the beautiful appearance. If you want to keep the stunning visual appeal of your marble tiles decor, you need to take care for the stone with special protection products. In the gallery you will see exclusive examples of floor and wall design with marble tiles.

modern living room interior design marble flooring white sofa

living room ideas floor ideas marble tiles black sofa white chairs

contrasting black white floor tiles

modern kitchen minimalist design marble

marble floor ideas living room accent wall modern interior

stylish living room black leather sofa

modern living room design fireplace decoration

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 modern black gray interior leather furniture

 marble floor contemporary white sofa

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 accent wall floor tiles

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