Classic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe: A Simple Idea for a Refreshing and Tasty Drink to Try Right Away!

by Anjelina

Mimosa has been a cocktail, loved by people around the world, for nearly 100 years. One of the few wine-based cocktails, it is extremely easy to prepare, includes two main ingredients and can definitely be considered a classic. Served at formal events such as weddings, and somewhere considered a hangover cure, the mimosa definitely has something to give everyone. With National Mimosa Day coming up on May 16, we thought we’d share the most famous mimosa cocktail recipe worth making at home for you and your friends to complement a brunch or dinner party in an elegant way.

Classic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients

refreshing orange mimosa cocktails with prosecco

According to the International Bartenders Association, the classic recipe for a mimosa cocktail contains just two ingredients – orange juice and sparkling wine. But it’s definitely worth paying special attention to their quality, as it greatly influences the final result and taste of the drink. For example, we recommend using freshly squeezed orange juice, which will give a great taste and amazing aroma. As for sparkling wine, it’s best to go for a good Prosecco. One more thing to keep in mind is that you don’t add ice to a classic mimosa (because it changes the taste), instead you need to make sure the ingredients are well chilled, as well as the glasses you’ll be using for serving. In fact, a good idea is to add frozen berries instead of ice. Now let’s see how to make a classic mimosa quickly and easily at home:


  • 75 ml (2 1/2 ounces) Prosecco
  • 75 ml (2 1/2 ounces) Fresh orange juice

Classic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe: Preparation

classic mimosa cocktail recipe orange juice and prosecco


As you can guess, making mimosa cocktails is not difficult at all. However, before mixing the ingredients, make sure you chill them enough as well as the glasses you will be using. Here are the steps:

  1. Pour the freshly squeezed orange juice into a well-chilled flute glass (without any rushing).
  2. Then proceed to adding the Prosecco. To do this, tilt the glass to a 45-degree angle and carefully and slowly pour in the sparkling wine to preserve both its fizz and taste.
  3. Finally, stir gently with a straw. Optionally, garnish with a slice of orange – make a cut from the center to the peel and slide it over the rim of the glass.
  4. Serve and get ready for lots of compliments!

Why Prosecco for Mimosas?

It is no coincidence that in most mimosa recipes it is Prosecco and not champagne that is used. It is the most famous sparkling wine in Italy and is distinguished by its moderate sweetness and wonderful fruity aroma (of pears and apples), which combines in the most palate-pleasing way with the freshly squeezed orange juice.

Are mimosas healthy?

Compared to other cocktails, mimosa is a low-calorie drink (it contains only about 90 calories). What is more, freshly squeezed orange juice is rich in vitamins, potassium and magnesium. A great cocktail made with the amazing sparkling Prosecco can’t help but improve your mood too. And all this put together definitely means we can consider mimosa healthy, right?

Is There a Non-Alcoholic Mimosa?

non alcoholic mimosa to try in summer 2023

Mimosa has a non-alcoholic alternative for those of you who prefer that or just haven’t turned 21 yet. It’s just as refreshing and delicious, and just as easy to prepare as the classic one. All you need to do is replace the Prosecco with sparkling apple cider or ginger ale. Mix in equal parts with orange juice, add frozen berries and enjoy your refreshing non-alcoholic drink.

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