25 Modern home accessories and decoration accents in gold

by Kremy

elegant holiday table decoration setting gold silver tableware

Modern home accessories follow their own trends and fashions. We have collected some ideas in gold which you can use to add some royal exclusiveness to your interior or make fantastic housewarming gifts, presents to friends or family members.

modern interior design ideas dressing table accessories in gold


Gold can never be out of fashion if used within the limits of good taste. You will see down the gallery a magnificent gilded bathroom set which will add a sparkling moment to your life every morning. Small gilded accessories for your dressing table will make it look exquisite and elegant. You may go for a decoration in gold for your New Year’s eve dinner table and celebrate the coming new year with real style. Candle holders, tableware, place card holders – everything is allowed. These modern and stylish home accessories will give you some ideas how to create a look of glamorous chic.



Small modern home accessories will add a gleaming accent to your interior. A bright dazzling piece of gold would be a topic of conversation too. An elegant set of gilded vases or a pair of salt and pepper shakers would be fabulous accents to an elegant holiday table setting especially if combined with some crystal. You could make exclusive gifts like a set of cards with a golden back, stylish scissors, an artistic USB stick or even a golden magnet. And yes, gold looks stylish, luxurious and chic so sprinkling some gold in your existing interior will only create a rich and high-end look.


stylish holiday table decoration setting gilded napkin rings

eclectic vases fig shapes gilded

modern home gilded salt and pepper shakers art nouveau style

gilded alphabet-modern-accessories and decor

modern-home-accessories-and decoration in gold jewelry dishes cards

modern-desk-accessories gilded scissors

modern-home-interior decoration ideas gilded vases

contemporary-home-accessories-and-decor statuette

contemporary-accessories-and home decoration gilded dishes jewelery

golden magnets stylish home decor and accessories

gilded porcelain salt pepper stylish table accessories


elegant tableware decoration ideas gilded glassware

 elegant-modern-home-accessories-tablewear in gold


  modern home interior decorating art deco salt pepper gilded candle holder

contemporary-accessories-and decor blocks of gold


beautiful home accessories and decor gilded seashell

 modern-office-accessories-usb stick

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