2024 Brings You the Modern Mullet for Women Haircut Trend

by Kristiyana

What is the modern mullet for women? Who can wear this haircut? How to style it? 

chic modern mullet for women

The mullet haircut that you once might have known is not the one you will be looking at in present times. If someone had told you that this rebellious retro hairstyle dating back to the 70s and 80s would one day turn into the new “it” girl look of the moment, you probably wouldn’t have believed it, right? But it’s the truth! Just ask Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Úrsula Corberó, and all of your other favorite women influencers. Now presenting you with the modern mullet for women haircut trend of 2024!

The Modern Mullet for Women Haircut Trend 2024: Who Is It For?

blonde mullet with flicked ends for women

The modern mullet for women is the perfect hairstyle for girls who have grown tired of ultra girly hair trends and are seeking more out of life. A bold, edgy and rebellious look that fits right in with your black leather jacket, combat boots and a smokey eyeshadow. The revised version of this retro hairstyle can be cut and styled to suit any face shape and hair texture, and there are no restrictions when it comes to age. A modern mullet can be rocked by anyone, you just need the confidence to do it. But how to style this daring haircut to get the most out of it?

How to Style the Modern Mullet for Women?

long modern mullet blonde hair women

Although the modern mullet is generally a low-maintenance cut, this aspect also widely depends on the hair type and texture is had been done with. The best modern mullet look is one with lots of texture. How to achieve it? Spray beach hair spray on damp hair and leave it to air dry. Once your hair has dried, messy it up a bit with your fingers for an effortless, edgy look. If you want to give your mullet a flicked ends style, use a flat iron to flip them upwards. Finish the look with a hairspray to hold.

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Want to draw inspiration for your next hair appointment? Here are the 20 best modern mullet for women styles you can find on Instagram!

Úrsula Corberó’s Textured Modern Mullet

ursula corbero cropped mullet haircut

Úrsula Corberó has been one of my style icons ever since I first saw Money Heist. Her square version of the modern mullet for women haircut flatters her oval face shape, as the textured top and longer back visually elongate the face.

Modern Mullet Curly Hair Style

modern mullet curly hair women haircut

The revised mullet haircut doesn’t look good only with straight and wavy hair, you know. A layered, messy mullet can enhance the look of your curl pattern and make your curly hair look healthier overall.

Long Blonde Mullet Haircut with Fluffy Bangs

rockstar modern mullet for women with thick hair

To breathe life into your long locks of hair, opt for a modern mullet with lots of texture. Combining the trendy haircut with long, fluffy bangs will make you look like a 70s rock star and bring lots of attention to your eyes.

More Modern Mullet 2024 Hair Inspiration Via Instagram

spiky short modern mullet with longer bottom for women

Bold white mullet hairstyle for women

edgy white modern mullet with long wispy bangs

Elegant slick mullet for thick hair

elegant short mullet for straight thick hair

Short messy modern mullet haircut

short messy modern mullet for women

Rock star pink mullet for women

short pink mullet for women

Mini soft & textured modern mullet

mini soft modern mullet

Long mullet haircut for mature women

female mullet long hair haircut idea

Pretty short modern mullet for curly hair

short curly modern mullet for women

Modern mullet straight hair style 

modern mullet straight hair haircut for women 2024

Miley Cyrus’s punk short blonde mullet

miley cyrus layered modern mullet with choppy fringe

Chic wavy mullet for women

cute wavy modern mullet woman

Two-tone mullet hairstyle for fine hair

two tone textured modern mullet for fine hair

Doja Cat’s iconic glam modern mullet

doja cat glam modern mullet with micro bangs

Cute pixie mullet with pink & blonde highlights

cute pixie mullet for women in pink and blonde

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