Studio apartment ideas – creative functionality in a compact space

by Kremy

stylish studio apartment ideas white furniture living room kitchen area

Modern studio apartments offer an exciting challenge – how to use a small space for sleeping, cooking, reading, or even work? The limited space does not mean that you have to forget about modern interior, quite the contrary – many designers are specialized in offering solutions for small studios and we shall show you some excellent studio apartment ideas.

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First, you should divide your apartment visually into separate zones – sliding doors, glass walls, or simply cozy corners will do the trick. Paint your walls in neutral, light colors. A bright ceiling makes the room seem visually larger. Choose a flooring for the whole place, and if you refrain from large carpets, use area rugs. After you decide on the color scheme, select a few accents in bright colors that unite the interior. The furniture should be kept as simple as possible.

elegant studio apartment ideas stylish bedroom area partition wall

Pay special attention to the bed – it should be visually separated from the kitchen and living area. The bedroom is the most private area in every apartment and studios are no exception – you need to create a quiet corner where you can relax.


Cupboards or bed with wheels are a practical option for storage in a studio apartment. Do not use massive accessories and large plants as they will take from the valuable space. See the fantastic studio apartment ideas in the gallery below and use them as an inspiration.

awesome studio apartment ideas partition walls ideas bedroom ideas

Many creative studio apartment ideas take advantage of the design opportunities to create multifunctional and flexible interiors. By using moving partitions owners can, at any time, change the zoning of the space. Combining the kitchen with a living room is only one example. Creative use of lighting also helps to the zoning and adds a special and unique atmosphere in a small studio. Different levels also add dynamics to the interior – for example, a podium for the bedroom area. Different textures in the interior – satin, velvet, glass, metal, fabric, felt – can be used to create a contrasting background.

studio apartment ideas wood floor area rugs partition wall

studio apartment ideas podium bed living room fireplace

studio apartment ideas functional interior design living room sofa

 ideas bedroom area privacy

floor plan kitchen dining room

 zoning the areas

 design partition walls living room bedroom

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Small-design living room area neutral colors interior

Small design kitchen area living room area sofa round coffee table

Small bedroom living room area

Small design bedroom furniture idea

modern bedroom home office

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