Japanese style house interior – how to create a balanced Zen ambience

by Kremy

modern japanese style house interior design ideas wooden table paper screens

Everyone feels best at home especially if the interior is relaxing and welcoming. The Japanese are leading the way – they are the world champions in the field of Zen look and feel. The calming effect of the wooden furniture and the successful fusion of functional and comfortable design are the reason why more and more interior designers incorporate the basic principles of Asian style in their projects. We will show you some interesting Japanese style house furnishing ideas and give you tips how you can implement them in your own home.


Japanese style house – basic principles of Asian interior design

japanese style house interior living room design ideas


The Japanese style of living is based on several basic principles. Layout comes first. We often see an open living area with a small cooking area, dining area and a seating area. Sound familiar?

Japanese style living room furniture ideas low coffee table floor cushions

Furniture is of great importance for a Japanese style house – it should be super simple, with clean lines. The rooms have as little as possible home furnishing. Finally, it should not hinder the free movement in the room. The decor is in neutral colors – the walls are white, the furniture – made of light wood.

Japanese style house bathroom design ideas wood flooring freestanding tub trees

Decoration most often features pots with bonsai trees, river stones and lanterns.


Japanese style house ideas and tips

Japanese style bedroom interior wood floor Bonsai tree minimalist bedroom ideas


Japanese style house can be created with very little effort and even on a budget. If you want to do that get rid of all clutter. Paint the living room in white, a white kitchen with handleless cabinet doors, a small sitting area with a low, rectangular coffee table made of wood would be the easiest way to re-create the balanced atmosphere of the style. A double bed with wooden frame in the bedroom, a futon bed, or a bed on a podium will add the right ambience. Decorate with only a couple of small bonsai trees and you are done.


small dining area low wood table firepit Japanese style house ideas floor cushions

 Minimalist dining room

Dining room furniture low table floor cushion chairs

Natural materials and colors

Japanese house design ideas interior design minimalist living room

 Modern interior in contrast colors

Living room Zen style low wood coffee table seat cushions ceiling design

 Natural wood furniture

furniture ideas low wood chairs solid oak dining table

Minimalism in the bedroom

Japan style bedroom furniture interior design ideas futon bed

modern minimalist bedroom neutral colors

minimalist living room wooden table

bathroom ideas freestanding tub bonsai

Minimalist bathroom in ground bathtub wood vanity cabinet with sink

modern bathroom Zen atmosphere glass bathtub sand color wall tiles

Japanese garden patio landscape ideas Zen garden ideas

Japanese garden design waterfall garden pond garden stone deck

garden ideas low sofa area rug balcony ideas



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