Swimming pool in the garden – Useful tips for pool maintenance

by Kremy

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If you have a swimming pool in the garden, or are planning one, the next step for you is keeping it in a good condition. We shall give you some useful tips on pool maintenance so that your pool is safe at all times.


Pool maintenance – filter change

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The water pump is of particular importance for the pool maintenance as it ensures water movement. The pump needs regular checks – normally it is sold with a booklet where the service times are scheduled. Ask the seller for the safety and perform all regular checks. Clean the water filter. The important thing is that cartridge filters and sand filters are changed regularly. Although sand filters are often offered as sand filter systems you still need to make sure that you clean with vacuum.


 Pool maintenance – tips for cleaning

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Some tips for pool maintenance and cleaning – the stairs can be cleaned with a hand brush. In mid-summer, it often happens that dirt piles on the edge. It is advisable to remove it with a cleaning agent on a regular basis. Other practical equipment that you need – a thermometer, possibly solar panels that can heat the water in the colder days, and last but not least – a cover which will protect the pool not only in winter but also in rainy days .

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For a good maintenance, the water must be tested regularly. This is especially important, because if the values deviate from the norm, this may cause red eyes and itching. It is also harmful for the pump and the accessories. The cleaners offered on the market, ensure regulation of PH values, prevent against algae and remove turbidity.

Tips  for the winter

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Effective cleaning is a must all year long, not just in summer. If you want to open the pool for the summer, you should first remove the cover, then remove the antifreeze from the pipes, fill the pool with water and detergent. If you want to prepare the pool for the winter, you have to lower water levels, empty the pipes from the water, add an antifreeze liquid, inserting ice buffers to compensate for the ice pressure and cover it.


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