DIY Garden pool – practical advice on swimming pool construction

by Kremy

DIY garden pool build plan swimming pool construction

The construction or installation of a private garden pool could be overwhelming with so many choices and decisions. Here are some tips that might help you with the construction and to make the best choice for you and your family.

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The pool building is a great investment in many ways. You need not only money, but also time, energy and courtyard space. We take the most important questions that have to be answered before you make this investment in consideration.

Important to note:
– Which pool size can I afford?
– Is my yard suitable for a swimming pool?
– What are the limitations that the zoning plan can face?
– Who should install my pool and how long will it take?
– What should I know about security and insurance?

garden pool planning deck design form

In addition to determining the best size and shape for the garden pool you need to look at the slope, soil type and accessibility for construction machinery. Pools are easier to build or install, if the yard is flat, but the new technologies make it possible to install a pool in almost every yard. Severe conditions such as steep slopes, stony ground and limited access require special considerations about the construction and installation. This would increase the overall cost and duration of the project.


The pool size is a personal decision in the first place. Some people prefer to completely eliminate the grass and to occupy the space with a pool and a deck, while others want to include a small courtyard in the new landscape. Be sure that you and your swimming pool builders have the latest information on zoning and building restrictions for swimming pools and spas, and ask your contractor how the approval process is handled.


Zoning is primarily handled at the local level and typically covers topics such as fencing and barriers, pool depth, diving boards and proximity to power lines. Other problems may also be covered. Your pool builder can estimate the duration of the project, but do not forget, Mother Nature does not always agree. A swimming pool construction will take approximately 3-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project.


Safety is the number one concern for pool and spa owners. A monitoring at all times is a must for the safety of children and pets that may wander near the pool. Many special security products available on the market, including water alarm systems, high-tech laser technology and protective covers.




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