A paradise garden with pool – 12 design ideas

by Kremy

garden planning ideas

Discover the basic elements for the perfect garden with pool. Get great ideas for the design and features of your outdoor kitchen and adjoining terrace.

garden guesthouse patio


A small guest house in the garden with water feature offers space for friends and family so that they can easily change the clothes. A covered outdoor kitchen allows meals outdoors even on rainy days.

stone wall waterfall

The spa can be integrated quite well in the design of the garden with pool and living room. The area covered with climbing vines through which the waterfall flows, creates the illusion of a secluded hot tub in a tropical rain forest. The palm trees and lush vegetation complete the illusion and tightly surround the garden.

garden outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen with grill, sink and refrigerator makes the outdoor life even easier. The wooden canopy keeps the kitchen cool in the shade and does not disturb the view of the pool.

garden design pool equipment

Waterfalls at each end of the pool, add a soothing sound to the garden. They create the illusion of a tropical island, but also conceal the pool equipment.

garden ideas spa zone

Treat yourself with a spa pool, which could be an effective complement. The pool and spa bathing area often share resources and construction costs are distributed between the two.

garden pool design transition effect

Add an additional level of enjoyment through the design of a spa pool with overflow effect. The water from the spa zone is a cascade into the pool like a natural waterfall.

garden pool design infinity pool

Install an infinity pool, where the pool water is spilling over its border, collect the water and re-distributed in the pool. This is a particularly attractive element for a pool with a great view.

garden pool design sea water

Instead of a traditional water’s edge create a gradual sloping entry like you would see on a beach. You can easily go in and out of the pool and have a perfect lawn and playground.

garden waterfall feature

Make it as simple or elaborate as you like. A waterfall could be as silent as a leaf or a rushing mountain spring.

garden fountain

Choose from floating and durable built-in versions. With the required strength of the pool pump or an auxiliary pump, the desired effect can be achieved.

garden planning springboard

A springboard or a wet and wild ride on a water slide – that would be exciting for your children. Today’s jump systems offer more fun and come in many colors, but they require minimum pool depths and widths.

pool lighting plan

Light your water feature in the spotlight for the night as a precautionary measure and the water games. A gentle lighting such as underwater lights would create an intimate mood.

garden pool waterfalls

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