Organization systems for kitchen drawers and cabinets to maintain order

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A beautiful and inviting atmosphere is nothing more but proper order in the kitchen. Is your kitchen messy? Are you tired of not being able to find what you need? Organization systems for kitchen drawers and cupboards will help you set everything in order, find the right place for all your spice jars, appliances, utensils, boxes and packets, so have a look at our suggestions!

modern home ideas and organization systems for kitchen drawers and cabinets

What is a good kitchen organization? In simple words, this means that it is equally important to be able to find quickly what you need as well as easily return it to its intended place. The rational and ergonomic inner world of the kitchen, including the storage of food and ingredients, pots and pans, household utensils, tableware and cutlery, makes it much easier to perform every task. Yes, nowadays the kitchen is rarely used only as a place for food preparation. Open plan living space unites the functional areas and the kitchen is a place for entertaining, family gatherings, celebrations, art and craft projects, schoolwork, etc. This means that the general principles of organizing the kitchen space are changing so that they meet the requirements of the different tasks.

How to create and maintain order in the kitchen?

how to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers creative storage ideas


Food preparation involves a variety of tools, cookware, utensil and appliances which, when stored in disorder, cause many problems. The ability to maintain order requires a daily involvement otherwise the kitchen will look cluttered and even chaotic and finding the right thing becomes irritating and exhausting.

Storage space is almost the most important feature of any kitchen. The fact is, that when we plan a new kitchen or consider a renovation, first of all we think about its appearance, choose the texture, shape and color of the cabinets, while the question of cabinets and drawers functionality is not a priority. However, you need to take care not only of the aesthetic appearance, but also about functionality, convenience, comfort and ergonomics. Based on these principles, when planning a kitchen space, make sure that you have thought of all kinds of storage options. . For example, spices should always be at hand, which means that the spice rack should be located as close as possible to the worktop or cooktop. Pots, pans, dishes, containers and small household appliances require sufficient space and if you haven’t got a pantry, you need sufficient cabinet or drawer space.

modern kitchen organization systems and ideas

The first step to organize your kitchen is to take out and sort everything from the drawers. Throw away all broken partially-broken or unusable utensils. Check out expiry dates of all food supplies. Ask yourself:

  • Which kitchen utensils and accessories do you need every day? Which ones do you use once a month?
  • How do you prepare dishes? Do you stew, roast, steam or bake? Which pans and pots do you use most often?
  • Are the large drawers in the kitchen half empty or cluttered and messy?
  • Do you have any organizers like spice racks, cutlery boxes, hanging baskets, railing system, etc. in the kitchen? Can you optimize the vertical or horizontal storage?

Then arrange the pots, pans, baking tins and baking sheets, cutlery and dishes so that those you use more often are within reach. Everything that you have not used in the last three months can be stored in the back of the kitchen cupboard, on top of the kitchen cupboard or in corners and niches.

Creative storage ideas and organization systems for kitchen drawers and cupboards

Organization systems for kitchen drawers and cabinets to maintain the order

It is very important to organize the workplace in the kitchen correctly. Only then will it be as functional and comfortable as possible. Modern organization systems for kitchen drawers and cupboards and even creative DIY projects can help maintain the order.

Organize your kitchen drawers by levels. Yes, every kitchen is different in size, respectively number of cabinets with drawers and the habits of each housewife are strictly individual. However, it is logical that the items that you use often should be at hand while the items that are rarely used can be placed away.

As a rule, the upper level of the drawers is smaller in height and the middle level is sometimes equal to the bottom, depending on the intention of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Usually, the upper level of the drawers is used for cutlery. This is traditional and logical. But the partitioning scheme can vary, as can the materials and price of the inserts.

kitchen organization ideas for drawers and cabinets

The middle level is suitable for dishes, bulk products and canned food, and sometimes napkins and table textiles. There are internal insert-dividers and special holders for plates of different diameters which are really useful and help in organizing kitchen drawers.

The lower level of kitchen drawers is ideal for storing items like pots and pans, bakeware, fruits and vegetables, etc. You can store vegetables like onions, potatoes, apples, etc. in plastic containers here, which you can arrange in any position in the drawer.

How to store bulk products? Are your cabinets full of various packets and boxes? It is easy to organize all bulk foods in transparent containers. On the first place even if the container is at the back of the cabinet, the time to find the right ingredient will be significantly reduced. Label the containers. In this way it will be impossible to confuse products.

How to use the cabinet under the sink effectively? The space under the sink is always a challenge since there are pipes and other water supply facilities. In this case, different trays and baskets will help. Pull out trays are especially popular and useful. There are different pull out blind corner cabinet organizers to choose from and you can select the one that is most convenient to you.

corner kitchen cabinets organization ideas

Use the corners. Lazy Susan cabinet storage system is ideal to optimize this extremely inconvenient space. Lazy Susan trays allow you to use the entire space of the corner cabinet and easily access the contents inside.

Think vertically! Pull out cabinets are versatile and ideal organizers for small and large kitchens. They can be used as spice rack, bottle storage, food and utensil organizers, etc.

Think of hidden storage spots! You can use the backs and sides of the kitchen cabinets and install hooks and bars. On the side surface of your refrigerator you can put a magnet hooks and hang towels and whatever else you want to have at hand. The inside of cabinet doors is another option for organizing your kitchen cabinets. You can hang the lids of your pots, a small spice rack, etc. Hooks under cabinets and open kitchen shelves are very practical and allow you use the free backsplash space. Kitchen rail systems are hugely popular as they provide additional storage space for various items.

Drawers for kitchen utensils under the stove and microwave allow you to use the space optimally. The rule of good organization is that you keep things close to where they are used. Some people prefer to store kitchen utensils there, others prefer cutlery or spices. It is advisable to decide on this even at the planning stage of kitchen furniture, since the height of the drawers can be completely different as well as the system of internal dividers. Look at these fantastic organization systems for kitchen drawers and cabinets!


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Pull out cabinets are versatile organizers

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