Oversized Clocks Wall Decor Ideas: An Eye Catching Accent in the Interior

by Kremy

With the help of the right decor you can create an atmosphere of comfort in any room. A wall clock can become not only a functional element of a bedroom or living room, but also a bright interior accent. Look at these fantastic oversized clocks wall decor ideas and get inspired for your next project!

Impressive Oversized Clocks Wall Decor Ideas

Oversized Clocks Wall Decor Ideas Accent in the Interior Design

Time is the most valuable resource in our life. A clock is not only a device that shows the exact time, but also an element of home decor. A well-chosen model will complement any room and can be the perfect finishing touch to a flawless interior design.

Many people think that clocks are old-fashioned. However, oversized clocks wall decor ideas prove them wrong. While the idea of having a large, heavy clock in your living room may seem a little dated, the fact remains that a well-made and unique clock is a timeless work of art. Choosing the right type of clock can really make an impact, accent the design concept or complete a room. Yes, a clock can make a room look finished!

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In a modern home wall clocks are not simply time keepers, they play a much more important role, adding decoration to home interiors and bringing zest to walls. There are all kinds of wall clocks to choose from – from whimsical to classic, contemporary to vintage, oversized clocks to abstract patterned clocks – the variety is endless. The main thing is to choose the one that perfectly matches your personality and the atmosphere of your home and then blend it into the decor so that it has an aesthetic appeal and looks cool.

How to Choose a Wall Clock?

How to Choose a Wall Clock

The main task when choosing a wall clock, especially when it is oversized, is to select a model that matches the style of the room and fits into the interior. You need to take into account:

  • The style of interior design
  • Room size
  • Clock material
  • Color
  • Quality
  • Type of mechanism

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It is very important that the material and color of the device are in harmony with the furniture and decor items. Wall clocks should be a great addition to interior design or a bright touch in the living room, but in no case should they clutter up the room. If the living room is already full of decorative items, you should use a model that is not too flashy.

When choosing an oversized wall clock you need to pay attention to the details. Even classic models are distinguished by different details. They can have Arabic or Roman numerals, square or round dial, an open or hidden mechanism, etc.

2022 Living Room Wall Clock Decor Ideas

2022 Living Room Wall Clock Decor


A beautiful wall clock is a work of practical art. This is an easy way to liven up the living room wall using it as a decorative element that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room. An oversized wall clock is the easiest way to instantly transform your living room and is a fantastic accent in Industrial or Steampunk interiors.

How to place it properly? It is important not only to choose the right clock for the living room, but also to place it in the most suitable place. Oversized clocks can look good in both large and small rooms – if they fit well into the overall design of the room and are properly placed.

Impressive Oversized Clocks Wall Decor Ideas

It is best if you hang your wall clock on a wall without any other decorations. Choose the wall that is most “visible” and catches the eye upon entering. In a small room, it is important to hang the clock in a way that does not take up all the free space and does not clutter up the room. Here are some useful tips to help you find the right place for oversized your wall clock:

  • It is recommended to hand the wall clock away from the door. During operation of the door, vibrations can go along the walls. There is a high probability that the clock may simply fall.
  • If you have a fireplace in the living room, then the clock should be hung above it.
  • The wall clock can be placed above a sofa as well.

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