Why a penny backsplash is an unique accent in the kitchen interior?

by Kremy

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In the search for the perfect anti-splash panel you will see ideas that stand out and ideas that are unique. Yes, backsplashes have to be functional, practical, to serve you long and add a decorative accent to your kitchen design. If someone told you that there are strict rules determining their design, you can be more than sure that this person is very wrong! We will show you unique penny backsplash ideas which impress with their strong presence in the interior. This is exactly what they are meant to be – a statement!

penny backsplash unique kitchen backsplash ideas


Many people quite wrongly think that copper protective panels are suitable for only rustic kitchen designs. A penny backsplash can be installed in modern kitchens as well and add its amazing visual appeal and shine to a contemporary decor. Moreover, it shows and states thinking outside the box, a desire for something that is unique. In design terms coin splash-backs have the advantage to look good with any wood color, stone, even glass. Highlighted by modern under cabinet lighting, a splash-back of pennies glows like a wall of jewels and leaves a memorable impression.

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There are two ways to install a penny kitchen backsplash. One of them is quite obvious – you can make it from real pennies, which you gathered or take advantage of penny backsplash tiles which will allow you to install the panel within hours. If you chose to use real pennies, you will not only have a unique back, but you will save money, as such a project can be completed by yourself and you do not need some special skills. Same is valid if you decided to use pre-fabricated copper cent tiles. They are cut easily, installed easily and look as good as real pennies.

contemporary stainless steel tile

Since this pattern has become quite popular, manufacturers offer penny kitchen backsplash tiles in different colors and you could opt for ceramic tiles in coin pattern or choose the sleek silver shine of stainless steel. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired!


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Stainless steel tile contemporary

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