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Pool fence ideas provide something very important for swimming pools – safety – and is a must for families with young children. Many pool owners are thinking about a fence around the pool in the summer, when children love to play in the water. But accidents can also happen in the winter season. Even if you covered the pool for the winter, the  cover sometimes is not enough to protect your child from getting in the pool.

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In many countries, drowning in a home swimming pool has been identified as the leading cause of death of young children. Most of these cases occurred in home pools where children were left without parental care. Of course, kids could use a chair or a tree to overcome the  fence and get to the water, but if the protective fence is high enough, it will be more difficult to overcome the obstacle and you will have a greater certainty that the kids are safe, while you enjoy the company of friends.

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A fence around the pool not only protects children from accidents, but it can be a beautiful decoration in your backyard. In addition to safety, you are, at the same time, improving the aesthetic appearance of the area around your home. Further to that  it is a way to ensure your privacy and an effective way to protect yourselves from the looks of neighbors and to block unwanted street noise. When planning your pool fencing, you need to check the local regulations, as many residential communities may have unique requirements for the installation of fences. Such requirements may include height, distance between the panels, type of the fencing, size, etc. Of course, when choosing your  safety fence, you need to make sure it works with the overall exterior design of your home, as well as fitting into your budget.

Pool fence ideas – what are the most important requirements?

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When choosing, you need to think in advance what would be its main function. There are so many different pool fence ideas and each one has its own advantages. Multipurpose pool fencing allows you to enjoy the surrounding space and ensure pool’s safety. The best type of  safety fences are barrier fences made of mesh, for example, provided that the height is not less than one meter. Picket  fences are also a good idea as long as they are made of high-quality wood.

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Privacy  fence will protect you and your friends and family members while enjoying time outdoors. In this case solid pool fences are a better option as they will give you the best privacy in the garden. If you are not a fan of solid privacy fences, an option is to install a fence around the pool using solid fence panels and leave small gaps between them.

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A decorative  fence will add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden and  owners who wish to combine the protective function of pool fencing with visual appeal can take advantage from custo made wrought iron fences, or galvanized steel fences.

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Despite of the function and design, every type has to be durable, reliable, easy to use and ensure maximum protection. If you want to have a better flexibility, you could opt for fences which can be removed quickly – the options are numerous.

Pool fence ideas and designs – materials and options

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Most pool fencing requires installation on a hard, stable surface which means that you need to select the material carefully. Glass, aluminum, stainless, steel, wrought iron, mesh or wood – there are different ideas which will satisfy any taste and will work for various exterior designs.

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Mesh pool fencing is one of the most popular type for residential swimming pool. This is a fairly economical material, which only concern remains security. Due to the flexibility of the material, the grid can not be torn by pets and children. Wire mesh is very strong material. A mesh  fence can be easily removed and is practically versatile. In addition, mesh  fences are very difficult to climb. Mesh fences are quite strong and difficult to tear and when equipped with a self-closing lockable pool gate the fence provides high level of convenience and safety.

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Glass  fences can be seen in many contemporary exterior designs and the market offers an array of looks: framed, frameless, semi-frameless or even in-ground, where panels sit inside a steel channel. Glass fences are made of solid sheets without gaps so that children are not able to squeeze through or climb over the  safety fence. These fences do not block the view of the surroundings and have a great visual appeal.

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Wood is another popular material. Most often pool owners opt for a picket fence which adds a classic beauty to the backyard. A disadvantage of wood fences is the fact that they require regular maintenance and a protective coat of paint should be applied so that the wood does not experience negative weather effects. You can build a wooden fence at the same time with pool construction. Colorful wooden fences enhance the attractiveness of swimming pools.

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The market offers vinyl  fences which have a higher resistance to water, humidity and chemicals. Vinyl is a tough and durable material and the maintenance is almost zero. Such fences are constructed from PVC and offer a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.Vinyl pool fencing is ideal for privacy, safety and  owners can choose from a number of style options, heights and widths, picket sizes and spacing, color, etc.

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Wrought iron  fencing is the strongest type of fence and offers the highest degree of protection. These fences provide the timeless, sophisticated look that is appealing to so many people. The color and design of wrought iron  safety fences adds to the value of the pool and the visual appeal of the backyard.


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