Porcelain tile flooring – modern and durable home flooring ideas

by Kremy

contemporary floor tile ideas porcelain tile flooring

Porcelain tile flooring is gaining popularity in modern interiors as it is considered as a great alternative to natural stone. The tiles are manufactured in so many colors and finishes that it is easy to find the right color for any type of interior design. For example ceramic slabs that look like wood are widely popular in modern or rustic decors and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Porcelain tiles are versatile and add a stylish touch to the home as they are suitable for any room.

spectacular porcelain floor tile with marble effect modern home interior design


Porcelain tile floors are very durable which makes them an ideal choice for places with heavy traffic. They are highly resistant to water and staining, which is the main reason why they are especially popular for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, porcelain tile flooring is excellent for radiant floor heating.

elegant porcelain tile flooring dining room design ideas modern dining room

In terms of appearance, the slabs can look like natural stones – granite, marble, limestone – or different types of wood and are manufactured in a wide variety of textures, styles, sizes, and colors.

Porcelain tile flooring modern interior sectional sofa

Porcelain tile flooring is especially suitable for people with allergies and an excellent choice for people with small children or pets.

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As tiled floors are non-toxic, they are a great option for people with severe year round or seasonal allergies. They are also a good choice for pet owners, as they can withstand the wear of a dog’s nails and as previously mentioned, are easy to clean.

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This floor covering requires a minimal maintenance. It rarely scratches and can be cleaned with anything but you should bear in mind that unglazed ceramic tiles require a more frequent cleaning.

porcelain tile wood look modern floor tiles ideas contemporary design

One of the main cons of this flooring design is the fact that it can be quite cold, especially in winter. The slabs, especially glazed ones, can be quite slippery when wet. Some are offered with anti-slip surface, which is good to know, if you plan to install this type of covering.

minimalist living room interior glazed floor black sectional sofa

Installation process is time consuming and requires professional tools and that makes it a difficult DIY project. It is recommended that you hire professionals to install your porcelain tile floors so that you will enjoy it for a long time.

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